Daily Sunnah


There is great reward in reviving the Sunnah of Rasulullah (Salaalahu Alayhi Wasallam) in every aspect of our lives. InshAllah, I will post various Sunnan we can all make an effort to observe daily. :)

The Prophetic Sunnah are basically statements of the Prophet (saw), his actions, his approvals, and the description of his conduct and that of his self (i.e. appearance etc.)

Hadhrat Maulana Muhammad Taqi Usmani دامت برکاتہم once explained,

“The Noble Companions (may Allah be pleased with them all) did not believe that there were insignificant and significant types of the Sunnah. Every Sunnah was significant and sublime in their eyes. They, therefore, took care to act upon each and every Sunnah.

In fact a little care exercised in religious matters makes a great addition to the stock of good deeds at the credit of a man. It is therefore, the bounden duty of every Muslim to act upon the Sunnah without differentiating between significant and insignificant Sunnah.”

[Islahi Khutbaat: Discourses on Islamic Way of Life, Vol: VII, pg. 180]

  1. Saying Bismillah at the start of every task
  2. Washing the hands up to the wrists before eating
  3. Eating with the hands rather than with forks and spoons. The Prophet (saw) would eat withthe thumb, the index finger and the middle finger
  4. Eating with the right hand
  5. Sitting on the floor and eating and not leaning against a wall or cushion
  6. Not leaning back when eating.
  7. Licking the fingers after eating
  8. Eating any food that is left on the mat after eating
  9. Eating from the side in front of you
  10. When eating, sit with both knees on the ground, or one knee raised, or both knees raised
  11. Don’t remain silent when eating, talk about deen
  12. Not blowing on the food
  13. Drinking with the right hand
  14. Drinking in three breaths and saying Alhumdulillah between each
  15. Drinking while sitting down
  16. Looking into one’s drink for any foreign objects before drinking
  17. Growing the beard
  18. Exiting the home with the left foot
  19. Enter the home with the right foot
  20. Entering the bathroom with the left foot
  21. Exiting the bathroom with the right foot
  22. Exchanging gifts
  23. Doing adhkaar on the fingers
  24. Oiling the hair
  25. Making Ghusl on Eid and on Friday or after Fajr salah
  26. Using atr (scent) on Friday and regularly (for men)
  27. Keeping pants above the ankles (for men)
  28. Praying Tahajjud in the last third of the night
  29. Using the miswaak during wudhu and regularly
  30. Reading AllahuAkbar when ascending and SubhanAllah when descending
  31. When putting on the clothes, first putting the right hand or leg through the cloth and then the left
  32. When taking off the clothes, first taking the left hand or leg out through the cloth and then the right
  33. Eating Suhoor during its last hour
  34. Reciting Ayat al-Kursi after every fardh Salaah
  35. To do a Walima after the wedding
  36. Sleep facing the right side
  37. Sleeping with the right palm under the right cheek
  38. Keeping the knees bent while sleeping
  39. Sleeping on the floor or on a bed
  40. Sleep facing the Qiblah
  41. Recing the last 4 Surah’s before sleeping then blowing over the body
  42. Sitting with the family and talking about the deen before sleeping (hadith halaqa, Dars of Quran, etc.)
  43. Brushing off the area  3 times before sleeping
  44. Sleeping in state of wudhu
  45. Sleeping immediately after Isha
  46. Applying Surmah in both eyes
  47. Upon waking up, rubbing the eyes with the palms to remove the effects of sleeping
  48. Knocking three times before entering a room (where people are)
  49. Walking with tranquility to the Masjid
  50. Salat ad-duha
  51. Salat al-shuruq
  52. Visiting the sick on Fridays or at any time
  53. Repeating after the adhaan
  54. Hiding the mistakes and faults of others
  55. Advising others using hikmah
  56. Meeting Muslims with a cheerful face
  57. Care for the poor and needy
  58. Respecting elders
  59. Being good with neighbors
  60. Caring for the sick
  61. Keeping good relations with relatives
  62. Honor every guest witht the gift of generosity, regardless of their social status
  63. Lowering the gaze (both men and women)
  64. Speaking softly and politely; speaking not too much and not too little
  65. Wearing a kufi (men)
  66. Commanding people to do good and forbidding evil
  67. Entering the Masjid with the right foot, Exiting with the left
  68. Reciting Quran daily
  69. Consulting others before doing things
  70. Respecting one’s parents unconditionally
  71. Praying the recommended Sunnah prayers (Ar-Rawatib)
  72. Reciting Surah Al-Mulk and Surah Al-Sajdah before sleeping
  73. Giving Salaams to people you know and don’t know and entering the home with Salaams
  74. Sitting in the position of mutawarrikan in the last tashahud
  75. Reading SubhanAllah (33), Alhumdulillah (33), Allahu Akbar (34) after every Fardh Salah
  76. Reading SubhanAllah (33), Alhumdulillah (33), Allahu Akbar (34) before sleeping
  77. Istinja
  78. Entering the washroom with the left foot
  79. Leaving the washroom with the right foot

Recommended Reading:

  • More than 1,000 Sunnan Every Day and Night–Compiled By: Shaykh Khaalid Al-Husaynaan
  • Book of Manners–By: Fu’ad Ibn ‘Abdul-‘Azeez Ash-Shulhoob

Subhana kallahumma wa bihamdika ash-haduana la illaha illa ant astaghfiruka wa atubu ilayk.