Seeds IV


  • Saying and internalizing Allahu Akbar is by far the greatest source of calmness. Breathe and say Allahu Akbar with full conviction.
  • Saturday School kiddos are doing awesome. MashaAllah. So proud of them. I’m noticing positive changes in them each week and really believe they are a promising group. We’ve almost covered our diseases of the heart series. So far, we’ve finished hubb-ad-dunya, hasad, bukhl, ghaflah, gheebah, riyaa, displeasure with qadr, anger, lack of haya, and antipathy towards death. With each, we’ve gone through causes, symptoms, cures / positive opposites. They did pretty well on their oral du’as test too. :) Definitely on their way to earning their Madden tournament.
  • I recently came across this incident and found many points of benefit in how Rasulullah (saw) responded to a young man who had tried to mock the adhaan. Given the seriousness of the man’s offense, one would imagine a strong or vocal response but instead, Rasulullah (saw) used this as an opportunity to respond in the most dignified and respectful manner: He, salallahu ‘alayhi wasallam:
    • Spoke to him individually
    • He was firm but gentle
    • Did not get angry with him
    • Verified who was responsible for the behavior
    • Gave him a gift
    • Taught him the words of the adhaan
    • Appointed him to the position of a muadhin, which made him value the very thing he once mocked.
    • Modeled the appropriate behavior by having him repeat the words after him.
  • I’m tempted to write a full post about the lessons from the narration and how to apply them with behavior change and classroom management.. inshaAllah another time.
  • I pray Allah is lenient in judging the wudhu made from automated water faucets.
  • Videos of Sumayyah are getting me through these long weeks. <3 “Kwinkle Kwinkle Wittle Star” lol
  • Happy distractions are an understated blessing. :)
  • 19 days!
  • This quote has been on my mind for a few weeks now since Abbu mentioned it: “Jamhooriat wo tarz-e-hakoomat ha k jis mein Bandon ko gina jata ha, tola nahin jata…” – Allama Iqbal. Imagine a society where the people of true intellect, taqwa, and guidance were given the honor and trust of selecting the leadership of their area; where the weight of someone’s vote and opinion mattered based on their wisdom and insights to help facilitate the best interest of society at large. Lots to think about with this concept.
  • Tea and conversations with the one and only Albani are always, always a good idea. I feel totally uplifted and illuminated every time we talk. MashaAllah, she embodies a type of sincerity and special kind of essence and wisdom that can only be a gift from Allah (swa). “Allah directing you to something greater, and instilling passion within you is indicative of special Tawfiq. Don’t let it burn out”. – Sarah <3
  • Debating whether to judge for MIST this year or not. yes? no? we’ll see. Glad it’s in April this year and a different campus.
  • Amazing how so much of our life takes place within our own minds..Picture taken in the Lake Chuzenji in Nikko (Japan). That place is very famous for Autumn leaves landscapes.:

-Fi Amanillah-

P.S.: I can’t believe it’s been 3 years since I last wrote a Seeds post. It was supposed to be a weekly or at least monthly compilation of random musings. Time flies..


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