Only the best


the contrast. the depth.:

I love everything about this photo. The contrast, the depth, but mostly because it reminds me of Abbu.

Always on a mission
Gaze fixated on one clear path
Never shying away from hard work
Or from giving with love and generosity,
Putting forth his most sincere efforts with humble submission
Taking with him only the best, most beautiful and fragrant gifts of wisdom and inspiration.


It’s so quiet at home when Abbu and Ammi are away. Missing their stories and laughter .. their nostalgic jokes only made to be told in saraiki.. chai requests accompanied by timeless advice .. the creeking sound of the door opening and closing from trips to the masjid .. coming home from work to the the aroma of Ammi’s meals with spices I’m just now starting to learn .. hearing Abbu on the phone with friends speaking in lyrical metaphors .. waking up for Fajr to see their hands raised in du’a. The essence of sukoon and tranquility.. It’s beautiful how the the root letters of sukoon (س ك ن ) give the meaning of a dwelling, a home, a place of rest. May our homes always be places of rest, security, and mercy. Ameen.

May Allah (swa) protect our parents and raise their ranks, grant them only the best of this life and the next, increase their strength and health and make us a source of their continued happiness. Ameen.

-Fi Amanillah-


2 thoughts on “Only the best

  1. Assalamualaikum I am your secret admirer..:))) i Always read your posts specially because i share the same feelings for my father.Alhamdulillah.

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