Surah Muhammad


This surah is absolutely perfect for the times we are in. It fortifies one’s Iman and reorients our hearts and minds towards that which is most important – supporting Allah’s deen and firmly adhering to it times of difficulty and fitan.

During times of fitna, you will find that most people want to stay out of it but yet they also want to know 103% of the details lol. In our class with Sh. Muhammad Zidan, he explained that one of the best things a believer can do in difficult times is to stay consistent / have istiqamah with regards to their ‘ibadah. The reward of doing this will be multiplied for them because such few people will be doing this. Instead, many people will be engrossed in the fitna itself (excessive discussions, wasting time online, taking pictures/posts, etc), which further perpetuates the fitna rather than curtailing it.

Imagine a glacier coming down with incredibly high speed. The cold, chilling ice water is rushing down a massive mountain and you are standing right at the bottom on flat land. This fitna is sweeping everything along that comes comes in it’s path, but you are standing firmly and holding on to the only pole in sight as tightly as you possibly can. You know this glacier will pass but you have to exert every ounce of Iman and willpower to withstand the rushing ice water until the glacier passes. This pole is our deen and it is our choice as to how strongly we hold on to it when we find ourselves surrounded by challenges. May Allah (swa) help us plant our feet firmly and hold on to the most precious gift He has blessed us with until our last breath, ameen.

وَالَّذِينَ اهْتَدَوْا زَادَهُمْ هُدًى وَآتَاهُمْ تَقْوَاهُمْ

And those who are guided – He increases them in guidance and gives them their righteousness. [47:17]
-Fi Amanillah-


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