Seeds of a Cucumber III

I think I’m on number three now.
  • I hope my sister’s cupcakery really takes off insha’Allah. She totally has the spunk and spirit.
  • I wish I could go on jamaat or something, motivation seems to be running low.. I get these jolts of energy and then it depletes gradually. For the past few weeks, I’ve gone out into nature with the sis, on a Saturday morning and that seems to help. I get to think, or stop thinking, and I come home more refreshed alhumdulillah. But I need something a little long term. 
  • The small pleasures of life .. so I bought these awesome socks and they are so incredibly warm and fuzzy. I can’t explain how happy they make me feel lol. :)
  • Praying we have a good winter this year with some actual snow inshaAllah
  • I need to be more vulnerable in my treatment with clients. Not in the sense of sharing a lot, but more so in being completely okay with knowing inside myself that I may very well screw up and that’s okay .. I can redirect. The most important thing is a working relationship. In fact, the more I fumble, the more the client gets to be the expert and that’s when change starts! :)
  • Seriously considering post-graduate training at the Washington School of Psychiatry inshaAllah. Down the line, if Allah wills.
  • Will be debt free in two weeks inshaAllah!!!!!! Edit: I was able to share my story:
  • You know, I kind of wonder about the theological implications of Muslims who go into the CS field and work on facilitating the whole AI movement. With the exponential rise in technological advancements, there’s a lot of talk that AI is not a far fetched reality anymore, and I know there are so many Muslims who work in CS, which is great .. but I can’t help but ask myself what this means theologically. I don’t know, just a thought.
  • The last Al Maghrib class was nice .. surprising to think it had been 9 months since the last time I had taken a class. Thoroughly appreciated Sh. YQ’s tangents and made some new friends.
  • Abbu’s been quoting a lot of Allama Iqbal lately. I wish I had as deep of an appreciation for it as he does.
  • Working with children who have Autism .. the essence of humility. SubhanAllah, watching these kids live and grow and completely enjoy a single moment without caring about the things the rest of us are after..
  • Trying to make a habit of not leaving home without an intention for the entire day, because there’s days when I get so caught up in things that it’s hard to make an intention before every action, so inshaAllah  having a general one for the day is a good practice and then of course, adding as many as possible throughout the day.
  • InshaAllah I’m going to start a yearly scholarship for Muslim students going into the mental health field, primarily social work practice. I could do it through the school/program I graduated from but I’d love to make it regional inshaAllah. No idea how to go about this but it shouldn’t be too hard. We’re in dire need of Muslim social workers with big hearts and big brains to ‘work the streets’ so to speak.
  • Finally doing an art project this weekend .. quotes + pretty paper + tea.


-Fi Amanillah-


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