Surah al A’la


Probably one of the best recitations of Surah al A’la, masha’Allah tabarakAllah. And at my school =) If you haven’t studied the meaning of this incredible surah or the musabbihaat in general, try to make time to do so insha’Allah.

P.S.: Sandy is reminding me of Surah al Mursalat. “By the winds…”  Stay safe friends.
P.P.S.: For anyone who read the last post and wondered where it went, I decided an hour after posting it that I wasn’t looking for anything from readers. I typically think about what I’m looking to do with/through my posts before posting – ex: Sharing a reminder, looking for feedback, showing points of view, etc. but with that one, I realized I wasn’t looking for any feedback, support, questions, thoughts, or anything else from people. I just had to write it down. That’s all.

-Fi Amanillah-


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