I figured out why I haven’t been able to write. It’s not because I haven’t had much time (which is true), but it’s because I stopped having regular conversations with my father. SubhanAllah, the amount of clarity and inspiration I derive from him is unmatched by any other person in my life. May Allah continue to bless him and allow me to be half as inspirational as he is.

I came home from Pure Paisa and took some time to talk to Abbu about my super ambitious business plan. He listened SO attentively. Not that it’s rare or anything, it’s just that he and I both have a lot to say so we get caught up in making our points even before we fully hear each other lol. : ) So anyway, I had shared the plan with a couple people, namely the head of the Islamic Scholarship Fund and a few local leaders. They loved the idea and thought the model was on the right track, but it’s a matter of flushing out more details about human resources and actually getting the funding streams in place. I told them not to worry since this whole upcoming year will be all about iterating and changing the model to really fit what I envision and what the community needs. After explaining everything to Abbu, he gave the BEST advice I have received so far alhumdulillah. Even better than some of the leaders and speakers I talked to.

He told me to pitch my business plan to Allah subhanahu wata’ala,  but in this pitch, I need to have elements of absolute sincerity and khashya – the type of love that can co-exist with fear out of the desire to please Him and stay away from displeasing Him. He advised me, saying that any great success can only be the result of our sincere du’as and if Allah accepts the plan, what more do I need? He also said that if I do this for publicizing my name, then Allah will give that to me. But if I struggle and put my heart and soul towards this with the intention of seeking Allah’s pleasure by serving his makhluq, then bi’ithnillah only good can come from it because barakah will be an essential component, and Allah might make this a source of my entrance into Jannah insha’Allah .. not because of the effort per se, but because of the sincerity.

Allahu Akbar. Talk about encouragement and inspiration. :)

You might be wondering what the plan is, but I don’t think it’s smart to disclose it without flushing out a lot of the details and at least getting to stage 3. I spoke to a number of people who said they can help me get there, and one brother even said he could hook me up with a speaking arrangement at ISNA to get funding. Now that’s serious. But I’m starting super slow insha’Allah, and once the structure/function of the model is airtight, meaning that it’s working well in one location and producing intended results, I plan to scale up. Alhumdulillah, I think I have the juice in me to do this, and beyond that, I am confident that I can get the support because of how pressing the need is for the initiative. Just need to make some time to pitch it to Allah before taking any other steps.

So that’s it. Just wanted to share my father’s advice with you all.
I came back way before I thought I would lol. :)

-Fi Amanillah-


3 thoughts on “Naseeha

  1. If your idea has anything to do with interest-free loans (especially student loans) for Muslims, I strongly recommend you check out this bank’s methodology: . They have a concept where they introduce a multiplier effect for their capital. For example, you loan someone $1000 over four years (say $250 as tuition for four years). Then suppose they pay you back $250 a year (so the loan is completely repaid in 4 years). Here’s the twist: they continue to pay $250/year for four MORE years (thus financing another loan), and then they get back the extra money they paid when the second recipient starts paying his loan off. You can work out the specifics of how this might work (for example, the payback amount per year could have been $500 in the above example for two+two years). I really think Muslim loan initiatives can benefit from these kinds of creative ideas for multiplier effects. Unfortunately I don’t have the contacts or community to turn this into something viable.

    • Assalamualaykum Random Traveller,

      My idea has absolutely nothing to do with student loans, but I can see why you might have thought that since I mentioned ISF. However, I am in touch with a group of students working on a business plan to address the student debt crisis by raising funds for interest-free student loans for Muslims. The info you provided would definitely be of interest to them. InshaAllah I’ll pass it along.

      JazakAllahu Khair for sharing and stopping by.

  2. Remember our chat about sincerity and wanting to reach for the top, and how those two seem to conflict? I’ve been thinking a lot about that lately because as I look around me at the “successful” people, I keep thinking “I want that…but I don’t want that”. I really want to implement changes, be seen as credible, not be ignored, make waves, etc but am afraid of wanting the celebrity status and even more of actually getting it. Then that fear scares me from trying, which is also bad.
    Sincerity is a constant struggle. Thanks for sharing your abbu’s hikmah. :)

    P.S. I wanna know your business plan, if I don’t already. But khair, when you’re ready, inshaAllah. ;)

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