Ibrahim Jibreen.


-Fi Amanillah-


6 thoughts on “Ibrahim Jibreen.

  1. 1. they will whisper secretley to one another, “you stayed not longer than ten (days).’

    2.when the best among them in them in the knowledge will say, ‘you stayed no longer than a day!’

    what do these verses mean? i didn’t get the meaning.

    • Assalamaulaykum,

      I’m not qualified to share any commentary on these verses as I haven’t studied them, so I will have to refer you to the books of tafsir – Tafsir ibn Kathir being the most famous.

  2. cucumber, concerning the 11th sunnah in your Daily Sunnah page, I have always been taught to keep silent while eating. always. i have read this first time to talk about deen while eating. may be this shows how much i dont know.

    and covering your head when going to the toilet, is it for men too?

    • That list includes sunnahs and general etiquettes. The Prophet (S) did not remain completely quiet while eating, according to what my teachers have shared with me.

      The restroom is a place where shayateen tend to be (hence the du’a we are encouraged to read when entering – Allahumma inni ‘authubika minal khubbathi wal khabaa’ith). The ahadith relating to the Prophet (S) covering his head are pretty weak, to the best of my knowledge. Some of my teachers encouraged it when I was younger, but it shouldn’t be considered as something you absolutely must do.

      Allah knows best.

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