Nope, not a joke.


Turns out I might just be a genius. 

jkjk. Far from.

I’m referring to point two in my Seeds of a Cucumber Post II I wrote over winter break. Alhumdulillah, thumma alhumdulillah, I just got my acceptance letter to the Advanced Standing (One Year) Master’s in Social Work Program! 

The reason I made that either or statement is because, subhanAllah, I completed my application in literally 2 days and submitted it the day my mom was being discharged from the hospital. I was counting down minutes till the deadline. Every time I’d go to see her after her trach procedure, she would gesture with her hands as if she was writing, to ask if I had submitted my Master’s app. And each time, I’d say no. She’d ask why and I just shrugged. 

Turns out neither were true. The program can’t be a joke, and I’m certainly not a genius. So what’s left? 

Allahu Akbar =)

The Lord is Good. 


Sajada wajhiya lillathi khalaqahu, wa shaqqa sam’ahu wa basarahu bihawlihi wa quwwatihi. Fa tabarakallahu ahsanul-khaliqin.

I have prostrated my face to the One Who created it, and gave it hearing and sight by His might and His power. Glory is to Allah, the Best of creators.

-Fi Amanillah- 


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