So I wrote this super long post about interrogation tactics and coping mechanisms based on about 10 memoirs I read about the topic, but subhanAllah .. nothing saved when I hit publish. :( It went into detail about the psychology behind riot police forces and how autocratic leaders are able to transform the concepts of good and evil and thus, live according to a moral code that is entirely different from the one you and I adhere to. I used Syria and Egypt as examples and mentioned some differences in how cultures approach the issue of torture, but in the end, the overarching mechanisms are the same. Whether you look at Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, Mao’s China, the Islamic Republic of Iran, or parts of the Arab words today, the trends and patterns are overwhelmingly similar. It was such a good post. :( I’m sad. Very sad. But there’s probably a lot of khair in it not getting published. 

Allah knows best. 

I won’t be attempting to re-write it. 

-Fi Amanillah-


5 thoughts on “Bummer.

    • Likewise. I’m starting to feel like it may have been a test of patience. ? Maybe I should try again, but time is so not on my side lately lol. We’ll see inshaAllah. Maybe on a rainy day when I don’t have much to do..

      Thanks for stopping by Amani! :)

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