Rehab Recap


Today was my last day for the semester at my internship. I don’t think I mentioned this at the start of the semester but I’ve been working 16 hours a week at a Rehab center/nursing home for my field practicum. It’s been an amazing, priceless, challenging experience to say the least. Alhumdulillah, my Supervisor said I shattered all of her expectations.. not met .. shattered. Oh yea! :) I can’t possibly write about all the interesting people I met, experiences I had, frustrations I felt, but I can make a list. You guys know I love lists. ;)

I learned..

  • It’s impossible to fake that you care for someone
  • It’s always about money
  • Honesty, Motivation, Trustworthiness, and Efficiency = The perfect employee
  • Human resiliency is one of the greatest miracles of Allah.
  • Documenting anything and everything is always a good idea
  • The definition of a ‘hot mess’
  • Paranoid schizophrenics can actually be very nice, as long as you don’t interfere with their spatial difficulties.
  • People can have every problem in the book and still be okay.
  • Trauma is at the root of most physical or psychological ailments
  • No amount of shukr is ever enough. Ever.
  • The value of spending time with elders
  • The power of human touch
  • Eyes tell half the story
  • Not everyone can be a Social Worker
  • It’s okay if the people in your life don’t find interest in hearing about your SW experiences
  • Working with humans is always messy
  • Older men will complement younger women any chance they get.. and thoroughly enjoy their discomfort.
  • Building rapport goes a long way
  • Self-care is critical. Without it, expect burnout in no more than 5 years.
  • Helpers need help too
  • It’s easy to lose compassion and genuine care for people after working in this field for so long
  • Drugs are probably the worst things to ever be introduced to mankind
  • There’s a reason that smiling at people is such as emphasized Sunnah
  • Your co-workers make all the difference
  • The idea of prescribing medications is mind-numbing in my opinion
  • Thinking ahead and taking action before being told will make you stand out
  • Never compromise your deen, your Salah, your values. Not worth it.
  • I can attached to people quickly, but my boundaries are super solid.
  • Da’wah can be incorporated in any aspect of human services, without seeming forced
  • Always be on time for everything
  • It’s okay to stay out of all the gossip by the water cooler. You’ll still fit in.
  • Gay guys aren’t bad people, they just give in to a rather repulsive desire.
  • You will find a fellow Muslim wherever you go
  • Cursing is a part of the atmosphere in most work settings. Ignore it and never use it.
  • Let people recognize you as a Muslim before anything else
  • Being flexible and adaptable makes it easier to move on
  • Problem solving skills are always a work in progress
  • Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries.
  • Having your own clients makes you so invested in their life. It can be hard to detach.
  • There is an Islamic example, ayah, hadith, or story to relate to every Social Work principle I’ve ever learned
  • People can be clingy. Very, very clingy.
  • It’s never okay to be rude.
  • Child molestation happens way more often than we’d like to think.
  • Always ask, “What happened to this person?” .. Instead of “What the heck is wrong with this person?!”
  • It’s okay to cry after hearing something traumatic, as long as it’s not in front of a client
  • Do everything with excellence and do it once.
  • Admitting your weaknesses and working on them makes you stronger
  • It’s very possible to lose most limbs and organs and still be living.
  • Hardship does not discriminate.
  • Avoid placing your loved one in a nursing home at all costs, no matter what background you are from.
  • Caring for people takes a toll
  • Our healthcare system needs work.
  • Quality over quantity of care should matter most
  • Have high standards for yourself. Be harder on yourself than on others.
  • The smell in nursing homes (at times) can make you faint
  • Dementia is probably the most difficult disease to watch a patient or family deal with (imo)
  • Never ever judge someone by their looks. You don’t know someone until you know them.
  • Offering to listen is one of the kindest things you can do for some people
  • Non-verbal cues can tell you the second half of the story
  • Being perceptive saves you a lot of time
  • You can rack up a ton of hasanaat, just by having the right intention (ex: going to visit the sick .. 70,000 angels make du’a for you!)
  • I love what I’m doing and I’m confident I can excel in it insha’Allah. :)

That’s all.

-Fi Amanillah-


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