Seeds of a Cucumber


  • I kind of feel like Plankton from Spongebob sometimes.. In my head, I feel like I have a commanding and confident persona but then when I look at myself, I feel so small. boo. I know you’re laughing.
  • I’ll be graduating in May. That was quick. I asked my advisor if I should go on to the advanced standing MSW program and she said I should. I’ll apply and see what happens inshaAllah.
  • I want to be a Faqeeha. I’m serious. I really want to. :)
  • My introverted-ness is preventing me from doing a lot of things that could really help me in the long run. Allahumma Yassir..
  • I want to start a super-de-duper social service website/NicheHero type of project. Just need to 1. Make du’a and istikhara 2. Finalize the idea 3. Get the resources 4. Find a team 5. Make it happen. I want to start by writing an Islamic history of social work inshaAllah.
  • Wish I had the memory of Allama Anwar Shah al Kashmiri (rahimahullah).
  • Some of my truest thoughts come out when I write these random posts. It’s very cathartic. If you’re wondering about the title, the seeds = my thoughts and the Cucumber is me; hence, seeds of a Cucumber. :)
  • Really hope Obama keeps his word about ending the war in Iraq. I’ll believe it when I see it. SubhanAllah, how many resources have been exhausted, how many lives lost, the trauma, devastation, and not mention a nations’ sovereignty has been completed violated for what, 8 years now?
  • I’m kind of upset that there were little to no riots over the Imam’s assasination. Muslim blood has become so cheap. May Allah forgive him and raise his ranks, Ameen.
  • I started aerobic kickboxing again this Wednesday. Oh so sore.
  • I started doing Meaningful Prayer review sessions with some sisters at school. Alhumdulillah, it’s going quite well and they’re loving it. Whatever knowledge you have, share it with others (with caution), but also learn how to say IDK.
  • I’m patiently awaiting the day when I’ll look back and say, “It all makes sense now”.
  • Thinking about starting a new blog titled, “Abbu’s Hikmah” – Just a place to record all of my fathers’ incredible advice, stories, inspirations, anecdotes, etc. :)
  • I find great satisfaction in knowing that no matter how much I push things off, they will get done and get done well. Alhumdulillah.
  • My alias is barely an alias anymore. #fail. Although, I must say I’ve tried pretty hard to keep it anonymous. I’ve never publicized it on FB or anything but I guess since Muslims have bombarded the blogosphere, it’s hard to remain unknown for long.
  • My (somewhat) eventful 20 years have taught me three very important words: life goes on.
-Fi Amanillah-

4 thoughts on “Seeds of a Cucumber

  1. mashaAllah loving this seeds of your thoughts. I didn’t know you were hispanic? I’ve always figured that you were Pakistani or something. Idk. I guess maybe cause lots of pakistanis are good writers. mashaAllah..

    On a point to note, if someone commented that your eyelashes stand out without niqab, wouldn’t they stand out more if you wore niqab? (Not commenting against the niqab, just a question out of curiousity)

    • I’m Pakistani :) I just spent 5 years learning Spanish.

      Good point! I realized that after publishing lol. I’ll try to write a more detailed pro/con post at some point inshaAllah.

      Thanks for stopping by! Hope all is well with you :)

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