And the Musalla Goes to…


Victory is Mine!! =) Alhumdulillah.
Why? What victory? Huh? =/

Allow me to explain.  Alhumdulillah, Allah has blessed us with a home that is incredibly spacious and Muslim-friendly. We have this really nice Musalla area where we keep some Islamic books and the rest is just open space for ‘ibadah, sleep, dhikr, etc. It’s a very nice space and I spend a lot of my time here (sitting here now). For the last 20 nights of Ramadan, Ayesha took over the Musalla. She slept here and prayed here day and night mashaAllah, while I was left to use my room. Not that I was upset about this or anything, it’s just that I share my room with my youngest sister so any time I’m there, I am forced to play some sort of game or act out one of her random scenarios (don’t ask). As a result, I spent more time reading Qur’an outside which was nice because the weather has been pleasant alhumdulillah, but I also got a ton of mosquito bites on my hands. Khair, so last night after Tarawih, I said ” I called the Musalla for the last ten nights. No if’s, and’s, or but’s.” :) Ayesha, confused and livid, marched out behind me and said “Umm, NO! I’ve been there all Ramadan, you can’t have it! That’s so unfair”. I listened to her shpeel for a few minutes and stood my ground. Unconvinced, I said “Ayesha, I think we should take this to Abbu”. So we went over to Abbu’s room and each of us presented our case. Below are the details.


  • I haven’t had the Musalla all Ramadan, nor did I bother Ayesha about it.
  • I share my room and it’s difficult to pray Tahajjud without waking Aminah up.
  • I prefer to recite Qur’an out loud so I don’t want to disturb others. The Musalla is out of the way.
  • My bed is too comfortable so it’s kind of a fitna.
  • Ayesha has her own room which can easily be transformed into a perfect place for ‘ibadah.


  • I’ve been there all Ramadan.
  • My room is too colorful so I can’t get khushu’ in Salah
  • I like sleeping on the floor in the Musalla because it helps me get up before Fajr.
  • My room gets cold at night
  • It’s not fair.

Abbu listened to us and smiled. He asked us to sit down. “My daughters, if you both pray and worship Allah all night but your hearts are broken, Allah does not like that kind of ‘ibadah. If you worship for some part of the night and your hearts are together and you compromise for each other, this is the kind of ‘ibadah Allah loves from his righteous servants,” he said. We agreed, subhanAllah, such wise advice. :) “Soooo… who gets the Musalla?” Ayesha asked. “It doesn’t really matter who gets it, but Ayesha, your sister is right. You have a room to yourself and she has not had the Musalla all Ramadan,” said Abbu. “Can I at least have it on the 23rd, 25th, 27th, and 29th?” asked Ayesha. I laughed. We ended up sharing anyway to please Abbu ji <3 :) 

Alhumdulillah. The Lord is Good. :)

Hope you all have a great end to Ramadan with lots of ‘ibadah, maghrifah, tilawah, and Qiyam. May Allah accept your fasts and I pray that you are blessed to find Laylatul Qadr this year and every year, Ameen and may Allah accept every du’a you make in these last few days. Ameen. :)

Love this du’a by Sh. Salah Bukhatir: 

-Fi Amanillah-


11 thoughts on “And the Musalla Goes to…

  1. Just read this again. You even made my arguments sound dumb….”Its not fair” didn’t need an entire bullet; I bet I said *something* a little more convincing.

    • Just can’t. lol. I actually suggested to Ayesha that she can take all the space outside the Musalla but it was an ‘all or nothing’ sort of deal. It’s okay, she can have it next year inshaAllah..

      maybe. :)

  2. your arguments to each other about the Musalla just put a smile on my face :)
    such a blessed family you have there, inshAllah

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