Absolute Majesty…


brought me to tears..
SubhanAllah, I’ve spent the last two months of my life living and breathing DC Hidayah 2011. “Allah: In God We Trust”. The message of this video made everything so much more real and meaningful. Ya Allah, if I did any of this work with an ounce of sincerity, accept it. That’s all that matters. 

The camel is tied. The rest is up to Allah.
DC Hidayah 2011. Bismillah…

-Fi Amanillah-

Allahumma Innī As’aluka Ladhdhata an-Naẓari ilā Wajhika wash Shawqa ilā Liqā’ik.
O Allah, I ask You for the delight of gazing at Your Countenance and the eagerness of meeting You. Allahumma Ameen.


3 thoughts on “Absolute Majesty…

  1. I was just wonderinggg….how do you learn these amazingggg duas??? Where do you learn them fromm?? I love themmm! But i dnt think i have some of themmm. =)

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