Time Out Days


Some tips (for sisters) on ways to keep your iman in the skies during your time out days:

  • Qur’an, Qur’an, and some more Qur’an. Though we can’t touch it or recite it, alhumdulillah Allah has blessed with so many more ways to benefit from His kalaam. Listen and reflect on the words of Allah as much as you can so your iman doesn’t drop in those 7-10 days. Discover a new reciter :)
  • Continue to be in a state of wudhu. Even though you don’t need to make wudhu, you can still get so many rewards from performing it (ex: dropping sins with every drop, reciting the du’as for every stage of wudhu, reciting the shahada afterwards, using the siwak, and more).
  • Continue to make your daily adhkaar. This is one of the hardest things for me because my entire dhikr routine goes out of order. Instead of watching prayer time pass by, use that blessed time to make dhikr or send salawat upon Rasulullah (Salallahu ‘alayhi wasallam). You’ll find that you may even do more dhikr than if you were outside of those days.
  • Catch up with other ‘ibadaat. Of course, Salah is a very important, continuous part of our life but there are also many other forms of ‘ibadah we may have overlooked. Some examples.
  • Catch up on the lectures you were planning on listening to….last month.
  • Continue to wake up at Fajr time. I know, it’s hard but this will help you keep up with your routine, making it easier to wake up for Fajr the first day after your time is in.
  • Memorize a new du’a. I’m sure you have lots of du’a books and various supplications you planned on memorizing a while ago. Tackle one each day.
  • Review lessons from previous Islamic classes. Sometimes we take courses on detailed Islamic subjects but hardly any of it remains in our cranium because we don’t find time to review. Use the extra time in your day to revisit older material you learned.
  • Read or memorize new ahadith. Everyone tends to have a focus when delving deeper into Islamic studies and if you don’t regularly focus on ahadith, try to learn a few during these days. Also, the best way to memorize a hadith is to act upon it, as opposed to repeating it 50 times.
  • Join a local Halaqa.
  • Get organized.
  • Do some muhasaba. Good time to reflect and make changes.
  • Catch up with a hobby. An old hobby almost always gets left behind as we get busier. Do something fun and relaxing.
  • Practice your da’wah skills through whatever means you have available (online, one on one, pamphlets, etc.)
  • Make lots of du’a. It’s good to have a solid du’a list with you at all times so whenever you find yourself with nothing to do (rare, but it happens), just pull it out and start asking Al Ghanii.
  • Try a new recipe. I have so many favorited recipes that I never get around to trying so I use the extra time in my day to make something different.
  • Focus on yourself. Get a new haircut, go shopping, discover a new place to eat, catch up with old friends, try a new hobby, start an art project, read a book on your wishlist, paint your nails, get a facial.. :)
  • Look forward to praying and reading Qur’an!

These are just some things that came to mind, certainly not an exhaustive list but inshaAllah it’s beneficial. If you have any others, please share! The reason some of these points may seem like large time commitments is because we may not realize how much time Salah really takes out of our day, alhumdulillah. Making wudhu, going to the masjid or musalla (if you go regularly), praying the fardh and rawaatib prayers, making adhkaar, reading Qur’an, and so on.. all take up a significant portion of our day if we strive to do these acts with ihsaan. When you have so much extra, use it wisely so that when your time is in, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to start worshipping even better than you were before. The last point is really important because as I’m sure many of you have experienced, the first sujood you make after your time is in feels incredible, and it should! You are reuniting with Allah after a week and worshipping Him subhanahu wata’ala as He loves to be worshipped, so you should feel emotional and elated. :)

Ya Allah, purify our intentions and help us act when action is needed, and restrain when restraint is needed. Take away our laziness and make easy for us our endeavors.
Ya Allah, make us from those who You take Your work from. Accept us for this deen. Ameen.

-Fi Amanillah-

p.s.: These are just tips. I’m not speaking on the basis of scholarship or any significant credentials.

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