Al Hayatu Dunya


Last week I attended a funeral of one of my fathers’ friends daughters. I made a last minute decision to attend the Janazah prayer which is something I haven’t been too keen about for the last couple years. But anyway, so I went and on the way there I thought about the sister who had passed. Believe me when I say this..we all went thinking, talking, reflecting, and came back weeping. I can’t thoroughly explain why or how that was the case but I’ll try my best inshaAllah. The sister was around 35 years of age and she was bed ridden her entire life. At the age of 2, she was diagnosed with a chronic illness that affected her brain and physical functions, limiting her ability to do anything outside of her room. For the last 33 years of her life, she saw nothing but the inside of her room or the hospital. Yet, through all of this, I never met her except that she had the most beautiful, radient smile on her face. I never met her, except that she asked about my younger sisters and how they were doing. After some time, her entire bottom half had to be removed, leaving just the upper portion of her body. Still, she smiled. Her parents, may Allah reward them with the reward he grants His righteous servants, were and still are the rocks of our community. Her father was an Engineer but gave it all up for the sake of Allah. He mentions frequently that his counterparts are now making six figure salaries and he could have done the same if that was his goal. But SubhanAllah, he chose a different path that will, bifadhlillah, be a means for him to reach the the 6+ levels of Jannah. The day his daughter passed, Abbu said uncle stood firm and recited ayah 152 of Surah Baqarah in ‘isha Salah. His wife cried silently to herself, making sure she let out no sigh of complaint. I looked at her face and thought to myself, SubhanAllah, she has been taking care of her daughter for 35 years the same way she did when she was born. She fed her, clothed her, gave her a bath, cleaned her, and did all the things a mother does for no more than 2-3 years for 35 years! What is her maqaam with Allah, only He knows. Yet, despite all of this, she said to her deceased daughter, “I was not able to care for you the way you deserved”. I just went to the side and had a weep-a-thon after hearing that. Both she and her husband are known for establishing TJ in our community and keeping it strong till today. Just a few weeks before this happened, I thought about their family and how much they have struggled for this deen and how Allah tests the true believers. I was going through some very minor difficulties earlier but a quick reflection on their life removed all my sadness. After the Janazah Salah, the women were able to see the sisters’ face for a few minutes before they left. Ammi and I took a glance and moved aside quickly. I had enough time to get a good mental picture of her in my head. I also took that time to imagine myself in the same garment, facing the same direction at my time of death. She looked so beautiful and innocent, I can’t really put it in words. SubhanAllah, unlike the rest of us who sin by day and by night, knowingly and unknowingly, and through every faculty Allah has blessed us with, this sister never did any wrong with her hands, never thought of sinful things, never gazed upon anything impermissible, never ate that which was not tayyib. She left this dunya just as she came and I pray that at this very moment, her grave is garden from the gardens of Jannah and she is roaming freely with perfect health and sustenance. Sure, in this dunya she lived a life that none of us would consider a life, but because of her patience, I pray Allah grants her and her parents and siblings the highest maqaam in Jannah. Ameen thumma Ameen.

Just a day after attending the Janaza, one of my best friends had a beautiful baby girl named Jannah. I went to see her in the hospital and mashaAllah, she’s a carbon copy of her gorgeous mother. TabarakAllahu Ahsanal Khaliqeen. I’ve known this friend for about 8 years now so we’re pretty close. It was kind of weird seeing Jannah the day after seeing a sister pass away. The juxtaposition of life was so clear to me in those few hours. It’s really a strange thing..seeing how different everyone’s lives are. Someone may have lost a daughter the same moment another just had a son while the person next door was recently diagnosed with cancer and their cousin just got married. It’s quite strange. And then to think that Allah ‘azzawajal is not only seeing all this but He already knows what was to happen and what will happen. SubhanAllah. I sometimes wonder, Life is such a scary place, where do the disbelievers go when they are facing troubles?

Though you all don’t know these individuals, please keep them in your du’as and take a moment to reflect on where you’re headed. Are you ready to be covered in white and left six feet under? Are you and I satisfied with what we have to show for ourselves? Or are we leading lives of heedlessness, worrying over trivial matters and chasing that which will perish? The words of Abu Darda’ (ra) come to mind:

“Won’t you have some shame? You build that which you do not live in, you hope for which you cannot achieve and you gather that which you will not eat. Indeed, those who came before you built strong buildings, they gathered up much and they had long hopes. So their buildings became graves, their wealth an illusion and their gatherings perished.” -Abu Darda’

May Allah, out of His infinite mercy, grant us all a blessed ending to our life and illuminate our graves and forgive our major and minor sins. May we be among those to whom, He, Subhanahu wata’ala says: [89:29-30]

فَادْخُلِي فِي عِبَادِي
وَادْخُلِي جَنَّتِي

-Fi Amanillah-


4 thoughts on “Al Hayatu Dunya

  1. MashaAllah…very emotional…AMIN YA RABB!

    Allah grants paradise to this sister and give us just half of patience she and her family had…and will make us grateful for everything He gives us…Amin.

    As-Salam aleykoum

  2. Dear Sister,

    That was a beautiful and powerful story maashAllah and you are fortunate that Allah has given you the wisdom and intellect to reflect on His Signs. For you to witness Death and Life within days of each other was surely a Sign.


  3. Subhanallah…this was so touching. Ameen to all your duas! These hadiths came to my mindd…

    “How wonderful is the case of a believer; there is good for him in everything and this applies only to a believer. If prosperity attends him, he expresses gratitude to Allah and that is good for him; and if adversity befalls him, he endures it patiently and that is better for him.”

    A Muslim, male or female, continues to remain under trial in respect of his life, property, and offspring until he faces Allah, the Exalted, with no sin record.

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