“When you prostrate, then inform Him of your secrets; but do not let even the one by your side hear you. Whisper to Him with the tears of your eyes for He is the Master of your heart. When a new days visits you, then say: ‘Welcome oh honored guest’, then make good it’s hospitality through an obligatory prayer fulfilled; a sunnah perfomed; some Qur’an recited; and repentance renewed. And along with all of this, smile! For there is One who cares for you, helps you, listens to you and sees you. He is Allah. He has not made you weep except to make you laugh, and He has not taken from you except to give to you; and He has not deprived you except to be gracious to you; and He has not tested you except that He loves you.There is no god but Allah.– Anonymous


-Fi Amanillah-


3 thoughts on “Whisper

  1. Salam aleikum sister,
    I was happy to accidentally have found your great blog. It has given me so much spiritual inspiration already now that I have just browsed through some texts and there may be a lot more, insha Allah. Keep up the good work and may Allah bless you.

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