The Handshake


I have an interview tomorrow and I know for sure that a man will be conducting it. It’ll be the fourth time this semester I will have to go through my “I’m sorry, I don’t shake hands with men for religious reasons” shpeel. It’s actually getting kind of annoying now. I either have to have something in my hand or stand in an awkward position where my hand isn’t in clear view or come up with a random tactic on the spot. I wish people would just get it already, I mean we’re not that foreign :p. This freshman kid asked me to sign his petition for student senate the other day and while I was signing, he asked me if I was an exchange student after I went through my shpeel. So not cool.

Sisters, how do you get out of a handshake? Any ideas?.. help.

-Fi Amanillah-


5 thoughts on “The Handshake

  1. Pretty much what you do…say “Sorry, hope you don’t take this the wrong way or hope you understand, I don’t shake hands with men.” Most of them are usually alright with it…some men do realise that they have a boundary with Hijabis so they know not to offer their hands. :)

  2. it may be embarrassing at first, but we just need to get over it and do what we need to do. obeying Allah is our purpose in life, and interviews and petitions etc. are just a means. We never give up our purpose for a means. Just need to prioritize and dealing with embarrassing situations such as explaining our deen becomes easy. Plus most in most academic situations the people you come across will be respectful of your beliefs, inshaAllah. I mean thats just the way i look at it

  3. Once I had listened a small lecture by Ustadh Kamal el-Makki. The talk was for Muslim men when encountering a woman who offers a handshake.
    Some ideas:
    1. Present your Visiting card.
    2. This one is cool. Say, “I have no right to touch you”.

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