Final words.


With the recent deadly flooding and plane crash in Pakistan, I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to have a good ending to one’s life. Sh. Riad went into detail about signs of a good ending in Heart Serene and alhumdulillah, he made us realize that sickness and difficulties before one’s final days are a huge blessing from Allah. He, ‘azzawajal chooses people to grant these minor illnesses to so that they may come before Him with heavy scales and mountains of good deeds. Beyond that, it’s an even bigger blessing to have the time to mentally prepare for death by using one’s final days or even months or years, to ask for ‘aafiya and maghfirah. SubhanAllah, how many du’as of a believer get answered during this time! Sudden deaths were not as common long ago but now we hear of them more frequently and this should make us more aware of how soon our meeting with Allah could be. May Allah grant all of us enough time to at least acknowledge the reality of where we are headed and develop a sincere relationship with Allah before we meet Him. Ameen. May He purify us through sickness and illnesses throughout our life so that we come before Him with clean slates and shining faces. Ameen.

I wonder, how many people on that plane headed to Islamabad said “La ilaha ilAllah, Muhammad arRasulullah” in those last few seconds. 1? maybe 2? maybe more? Allah A’lam. A reminder for myself before anyone else–keep la ilaha ilallah on your tongue as much as home, at work, at school, walking, sitting, writing, eating, driving, listening, chilling, etc. Especially while driving! Ammi always reminds me to do tasbeeh of Lailahilallah.. when I’m driving and I often forget cuz I get lost in my thoughts, but it’s super important and it should be habitual for us inshaAllah. And don’t just recite it verbally or 134831239074903 many times without realizing the implications of what you are saying. Fully immerse yourself in the kalimah and bi’ithnillah, it will have a major effect on your soul. Some ideas of what we can think about:

  • This has been the message to mankind since the beginning of time.
  • Rasulullah (S), the Prophets Alyahis Salaam and the Sahaba lived and died for the sake of Lailaha ilAllah.. And so should we.
  • The 8 ridges on the key to Jannah (La ilaha ilAllah..) as stated by Wahb ibn Munabbih (ra).
  • Look that signs of Allah’s Greatness and majesty around you.
  • Think of all the nations that were destroyed and humiliated for denying the haqq.
  • Recall all the struggles Rasulullah (S) and our pious predecessors had to face to defend this shahadah.
  • Realize that any khair or harm can only come to you if Allah wishes and there is nothing/no one who controls your affairs but Allah.
  • Think of the 99 names of Allah and His attributes. Use each one as a means to realize who you are and who Allah is.
  • Look at the way Allah has created you and as you are reciting the kalimah, sincerely ask Allah to make this your state (reciting the shahadah) as you are about to meet Him, ‘azzawajal.
  • Practice Ihsan–if you cannot see Allah, then know that He can see you.
  • Reciting the Kalimah should make you more sensitive to Tawhid, so much so that you become unable to tolerate the slightest negativity towards your Lord.
  • Think of the events of Yaum-ul-Qiyamah and how the believers will be separated from the munafiqeen by a huge wall. Their hypocrisy will ultimately be caused by their denial of the haqq in their hearts.
  • Every time you say the shahadah, realize that you are renewing your covenant with Allah!

A nice reminder from Sh. Kamal El Makki about our final words. MashaAllah, he has a nice approach when teaching youth. I hope he decides to come back here soon inshaAllah.

-Fi Amanillah-

اللهم إني أسألك العفو والعافية في الدنيا والآخرة
Allahumma inni as’alukal ‘afwa wal `aafiyata fiddunya wal aakhirah.
O Allah, I seek from You forgiveness and security in both this world and the Hereafter.

Please keep the flood/plane/riot/bombing victims in your du’as. Perhaps Allah will relieve you and I of an approaching calamity if we are sincere in trying to help our Muslim brothers and sisters in their time of need.


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