I just had to post this. LOL
Watch the guy behind Imam Mehendi..

-Fi Amanillah-


2 thoughts on “Priceless.

  1. What the flippin monkey!? Sign of the times… lol. Bizzaaaaaare. I couldn’t stop saying “WHAT IS HE THINKING!?!?!!” The amount of embarrassment he brought upon himself is unimaginable. I can’t understand why anyone would ever do something like this? It’s ridiculous. How could he even think people would believe him? Crazy.

  2. I feel kind of bad cuz I was ROFL after watching this…just couldn’t help it. In western sunrise, the shaykh was telling us about a brother who called him to speak at a fundraiser. So the he asked what the cause was, and the brother said they were raising money for Imam Mahdi! lol He was like… “I’ll pass. The Mahdi doesn’t need fundraising, he’s going to have angels all around him”. SubhanAllah..people these days..
    My friend showed me this during class and at first, I thought he had delusions of grandeur but then I was like…he probably got paid or something. He’s not as funny as the guy behind him though lol.

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