I’m just about done with the first calligraphy style (ruq’ah) out of the 7-10 I have to learn inshaAllah. I actually did much better than I thought I would, amazing how much practice pays off :). Here’s some of my work (minus the blackboard, that’s my teacher’s work, he loves the colored chalk). Next up: Diwani

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This is what it’s supposed to look like: Image144.gif (822×263)

And here’s a nice image of all the different scripts.

It’s a fun hobby and I’m getting good at it so that makes it even more fun :) Ustadh Abbasi is great! He’s so chill and encouraging, but he still thinks I’m Arab. I have to remind him where I’m from every time and he always asks why I don’t know Arabic :p. In my head, I’m like “hmm..why don’t I?”

-Fi Amanillah-


3 thoughts on “Ruq’ah

  1. Jazakillah khair Zainab! :) actually, I’m surprised I stuck to it. I started off pretty bad but the teacher told me to continue for a few more weeks and now I love it alhumduluillah!
    minus the constant hand cramp, calligraphy is awesome. :)

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