Infinitely more precious..


There are few things that humble a person as much as pain and sickness do. You may have experienced it many times–one day you’re completely fine and you’ve made a plan for all the great things you’ll accomplish the next day, and then BAM! something happens that completely diverts your attention from those things. Just a day earlier, you were moving about without a care in the world for a particular part of your body, and now it’s all you can think about.

Last week I caught a cold from running outside in the rain. Probably not the best idea. :p Then this week I hurt my leg somehow and it’s bothering me that I can’t figure out what caused it. I don’t remember bumping into anything. And yesterday, I sprained my neck really badly. It’s only slightly better now, I kind of have to move my head like an owl lol..but alhumdulillah, it’s not as bad as yesterday. I keep looking at my to-do list and sighing…some of these things are like a month overdue and I still haven’t gotten to them. Alhumdulillah ‘ala kulli hal.

Free time, and Health. It’s usually one or the other. I was just thinking how when you’re young, you have health, but you’re at school and work all day. Then mid age, you get a family (iA) and start providing for them/taking care of them and you have a whole new set of responsibilities with kids. When you get old, and you have the time, but not the health. It’s truly a blessing to have both free time and health, and an infinitely more precious blessing to have the tawfeeq to choose to do good deeds and sacrifice your health and time for the sake of Allah. May Allah make us among those who give time and spend in his way. May we always be humble about our contributions to the deen and consider our efforts as minimal. Ameen.

This is a cool picture.

-Fi Amanillah-


9 thoughts on “Infinitely more precious..

  1. Assalamualaikum sis :)

    Ameen to your dua.

    ps; I love your blog. Have been reading for a couple of weeks :) keep on posting.


  2. Mashallah, this was a really nice post. Ameen to your dua! I was reading some of your other posts and omg one of them made me wanna cry! It was sooo sweeet. Lol! I’d really like to get to know you moreee, do you have an email address? Okay, this might seem really weirdd, but hey! It’s always nice to make some good new friends right? Lol. =)

  3. Walaykum Assalam Fizzie and muslimah! =)
    Jazakillah Khair for stopping by! I appreciate the comments and encouragement. Please keep me in your du’as.

    muslimah, you’ve got mail ;)

  4. Salaam sister. A really nice post mashallah. I really like your writing style :-). I understand that you take Arabic online course. Can you recommend one for me please. Jazakillah khair

  5. Walaykum Assalam,

    JazakAllah kahir! Glad it’s beneficial.

    -Yes, I’m enrolled in Al Huda Institutes’ Ta’leem-ul-Qur’an Course. It’s mostly for women but they also have a few part-time courses for men. here
    -I would highly recommend Bayyinah Institute. (link on blogroll). They usually have travelling courses so you can check our if there’s one in your area any time soon. Divine Speech is Amazing!
    – If you’re interested in self-study, then the Madinah Book Course is one of the best. All the books and lectures are online.
    -I’ve heard great things about the SunniPath Arabic courses too.
    – There’s also Milton Qur’an Academy’s Miftahul Qur’an course.
    -Fawakih Institute does summer intensive programs in three locations. Their courses have already started but there’s always next year :)
    -I would also recommend any Arabic courses by Abu Taubah. The institute is called The FIKS and he teaches all the courses.

    These are only a few of the ones I’m familiar with, hope that helps!

  6. Wow!! Thanks. As usuall you are very informative and pricise. I live in the UK and feel very jealous of some of the institution u have in America. I also commend u for the hard work you are doing for yourslef and the Muslim at large.

    In your experience bow are the Arabic online courses and what adjustment do I need to make mentally to enjoy/get most out of them?


    • In that case, some of those choices aren’t very helpful since they’re on-site. UK has very active Al Maghrib Qabail though, mashaAllah.

      I think the first step is just to make a firm intention for what you want to get out of the course and how you plan on using what you learn. From there, you need to determine your personal level of interest and time commitment for the subject(s) and then go for it! :)

  7. Amazing and very true, health and free time are huge blessings. Interesting how this post was written just about a month before we came to know of a certain recruitment company, seems like so long ago.

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