I love it when my du’as are answered! It’s such an amazing feeling. So yesterday in calligraphy class, my pen was running out of ink and I left my little ink bottle at home. When I looked at how much I had left after doing my homework, there was literally nothing. :( A couple drops of ink stuck to the sides of the plastic holder, but that was about it. I got a little worried cuz I missed class for the last two weeks so I really needed extra hw this time. I made du’a to Allah to put barakah in my ink so that it would last until Ustadh Abbas gave me my homework. :) SubhanAllah, he gave me an entire page of homework and the ink didn’t run out, not even once! Just an hour earlier, I could barely write an Alif without hearing the annoying screeching of a pen without ink. :p

I’m going to start asking for barakah in my gas tank too ;)

The Meaning of “Barakah”:

Barakah generally means increase, growth and also, happiness.  Al-Raghib mentions that its source-word denotes the large frontal area of a camel which firmly presses the earth below it when it kneels on the ground by folding its legs.  Its derivatives imply establishment or staying firmly upon something, like when a hero stands one’s ground in battle or when a pool in the earth traps water (from flowing away).  Barakah then, is the establishment of divine goodness in something; from whence it exudes cannot be sensed by people, nor can it be outwardly quantified, nor is it limited by anything, but rather, something with barakah in it is called mubaarak, and has an unexplainable increase and benefit in it from Allah.  An example is when one gives charity, barakah enters one’s remaining wealth such that it increases in benefit without increasing in the actual amount.  Barakah is not the specific blessing (ni’mah) itself, but an increase in that given bounty ( al-Qushayri, Tafseer ul Quran).–Source

-Fi Amanillah-


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