Soooo….I was nominated for my MSA’s Sister’s Coordinator position for next year …not sure how I feel about it yet… Elections are next week.

I’m not sure how this happened considering about 10 girls know my name and most of the brothers thought I was my cousin for the last year or so.. One girl referred to me as the ‘small, hardcore hanafi girl’ haha and another thought I’d be a good fit for the MSA cuz I’m ‘unknown’…whatever that means. Why would people vote for someone who they don’t know? Weird. But alhumdulillah, it’s an honor to be nominated for a position here. Our MSA is MASSIVE mashaAllah..the strength of it is debatable but overall, I love it. All the top people here are simply amazing. They’re firm in their decisions and while they respect the wide spectrum of Muslims on campus, I love the fact that they don’t settle for a watered down version of Islam in order to please everyone (or some people)…and the sincerity in their actions is also pretty visible. Of course, we have our fair share of drama which is what scares me the most. I don’t want to be in the middle of any of it, but I know that if I get elected, it comes with the job description.. :p The sister running against me is also great mashaAllah. She knows a lot more people than I do for one thing, and she’s got strong work ethic as well. The only problem I’m having though is that I don’t necessarily think I’m a good fit for this position. I’m not so sure how my parents are gonna take this. I think they’re getting a little annoyed with me being busy all the time, even though most of it is for deen-related things. I’m trying to think how i’ll balance this position and 18 credits next semester. I could drop a class, but that seems unlikely. Or maybe I can do less work for other organizations or something. I dunno. I’ll ask the rents how they feel about this…if they don’t approve, I can always fill up my time with more classes outside of school. That’s always fun. Anaam’s running for Sister’s VP and she’s uncontested so that’s a given. It’ll be cool working with her in MSA..we’ve always been goofballs together but this will make our relationship more serious…or not lol..depending on how things go. I know she’ll do great inshaAllah.

If I do get elected…I have a couple major ideas I want to implement inshaAllah. The first is called Big Date-Little Olive. (I know it’s corny lol, but it’s a fantastic idea…i think). Basically, it’ll be a group of strong (in terms of deen) brothers and sisters who’s main job will be to assist new converts in getting used to practicing Islam. So the Big Dates will be the Muslims and the Little Olives will be the new Muslims. How cute?! lol. Anaam came up with the name. I’d love for this to start small and grow each year…like a tree :). Okay..i’ll stop with the lame jokes. :p

The second thing I want to do is get a consistent Qur’an halaqa started. I’d love to lead it but there are many more qualified sisters here so they can do it if they want. ORRR…I want to start a Sisters Qur’an Memorization group. I want to model it after Durbah’s memorization initiative since there’s has been really successful so far alhumdulillah. aand…I also need someone to hold me accountable, it’s getting really hard to keep memorizing without anyone holding me to it.

So that’s that..whatever happens, may it be for the best inshaAllah. :)

-Fi Amanillah-


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