Quiz Time!


I thought it would be fun to post some of the ILMathon questions here. Quiz yourself! :) Some of them are easy peezy. I’ll post the answers in a day or two.

  • According to Hadith 22, prayer is light; charity is a proof; patience is illumination; and the Quran is an evidence for or against you.
  • It was revealed to the Prophet (S) that the trial of the grave is similar to the trial of what? Dajjal
  • What was the name of the blind Sahabi mentioned in Surah ‘Abasa? Abdullah ibn Umm Makhtoom (ra)
  • Allah only declares war against two people. The first is a man who deals with riba (usuary) and the second type of person is mentioned in Hadith 38. A person who shows enmity towards the auliya of Allah.
  • Name the three categories of ‘mutlaq’ (inherently pure) water? Rain water (any precipitation), sea water, zamzam water.
  • Near the end of time, what will cause the Muslims to Die? A breeze from the south that will cause sores in their armpits.
  • This woman spent her nights weeping and in endless prayers to Allah (SWT) that her son’s eyesight would be restored. Her son’s eyesight was miraculously restored. Who was she? The mother of Imam Bukhari rahimahullah.
  • Which of the Prophet’s (SAW) wives’ dowry was the freedom of her tribe? Juwariya (ra)
  • This Surah provided spiritual provision to the migrants on their journey to Habasha, a Christian country. Surah Maryam
  • Name the gate where Isa (AS) will kill Dajjal. Hudd
  • What type of animal did Allah (SWT) miraculously cause to appear from a mountain, upon Salih’s (AS) du’a? She-camel
  • Which Prophet (AS) fasted 3 days as a sign from Allah? Zakariyyah (AS)
  • Which companion was known as the possessor of two lights and why? Uthman ibn Affan (ra) because he married two of the Prophet’s (S) daughters. Ruqayyah and Umm Kulthum (ra).
  • Which Surah did Jafar ibn Abi Talib (ra) recite in the court of Negus? Surah Maryam
  • According to Hadith 31, What was the response of the Prophet (S) to a man who asked to be directed to an act based on which Allah and people will both love him. Renounce the world and Allah will love you. Renounce what people possess and people will love you.
  • What are two characteristics (physical flaws) mentioned about the angel who is appointed to punish the disbeliever at death? The angel is deaf and blind so he cannot see or hear the pain he is inflicting on that soul.
  • In which Surah is “Bismillah” is mentioned twice, once at the beginning and once in the text? Surah Naml
  • With the pole of her tent, this woman killed nine Roman soldiers during the Battle of Yarmook. Who was she? Umm Salamah (ra)
  • According to Hadith 23, All of Allah’s servants are hungry except who? Those whom Allah has fed.
  • Which prophet (AS) is particularly well known for sabr, or patience, in the face of losing everything he owned, his family, and eventually his health? Ayyub (AS)
  • What was the special name the Prophet (S) gave to Umar (ra) and what does it mean? Farooq–Separator of Truth and Falsehood.
  • What verse did Abu Bakr (ra) recite when Umar (ra) threatened to kill anyone who said the Prophet (S) was dead? 3:144. “Muhammad is but a messenger…”
  • The Prophet (S) said to this companion, “May my father and mother be sacrificed for you (or be your ransom)” Sa’d bin Abi Waqqas (ra)
  • The tribe of this companion was known as allies of darkness and of night. Name the companion and his tribe. Abu Dhar Al-Ghifari from Ghifar
  • What name(s) did the Prophet (S) give to Ali (ra)? Asadullah (Lion of Allah) and Abu Turab (Father of Dust)
  • When the Prophet (S) asked about the greatest ayah in the Qur’an, this companion correctly answered and said it was Ayat-ul-Kursi. (2:255) Ubay ibn Ka’ab (ra)
  • Hadith 40 mentions that the Prophet said, you should be in this world like a traveler. What two things should you use before they end? Health and Time.
  • What is refered to by the Mu’awwidhatayn? Surah Falaq and Nas
  • Name TWO companions who experienced the Prophetic era during their childhood. Anas bin Malik, Abdullah ibn Abbas, Az-Zubayr (ra).
  • Which two companions are the “masters of the youth of paradise”? Hasan and Husayn (ra)
  • Allah compares the women of Paradise to what kinds of valuable stones in Surah Ar-Rahman? Rubies and Coral.
  • In Surah Muhammad, Allah mentions the many kinds of rivers in Paradise. Name one of them. Milk, honey, pure drink.
  • Which Surah did the companions recite when they would depart? Surah ‘Asr
  • Who was the negotiator representing the Quraysh during the agreement for the Treaty of Hudaybiyah? Saad bin Amr (ra)
  • How many followers will Dajjal have? 70,000. They will have silk garments and carry double edged swords.
  • Miraculous things by the prophets is named Mu’jizaat. What are the miraculous things done by Auwliya, pious Muslims, called? Karamaat
EDIT: wow. that’s a lot of questions, and this isn’t even a fourth of the total O_o
-Fi Amanillah-

2 thoughts on “Quiz Time!

  1. Very interesting. I didn’t know a number of these :)

    About Uthman ibn `Affan – you mean he married two of the Prophet (saws)’s daughters right?

    I’m curious about Sa’ad ibn Abi Waqqas – any idea what incident made the Prophet (saws) say that? It rings some kind of bell but I forget.

  2. Yes, daughters. that was major typo :P

    I can’t recall the exact waqiah but I know that it was in the Battle of Uhud and Sa’d ibn Abi Waqqas had thrown the first arrow in Allah’s cause so the Prophet (S) saw him fighting really hard and maybe he said it because of that. Not completely sure about that but I know it was in the battle of Uhud.

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