Before Finals and Papers start next week, I wanted to sum up the craziest month I’ve had all year. :) All the craziness ended yesterday with the culmination of the ILMathon alhumdulillah. =)

  • Week 1: Precious Provisions. Simply great! Great class, my favorite people, and a wonderful teacher. May Allah preserve them all.
  • Week 2: MIST. SubhanAllah, I did not anticipate losing all my energy within a few rounds of scholastic bowl, but alhumdulillah, it went really well. Saw some great MD people who I only see once a year or at Al Maghrib so that was nice. The kids were beyond enthusiastic, which is what kept me going. It’s hard for me to believe that I was in their seats last year, I’m really surprised at how far I’ve come considering I was never the type to want to be part of orgs. and have a million different commitments. Alhumdulillah Allah has made it so easy for me and I’ve learned/benefitted tremendously over the last year. May Allah accept the efforts of everyone who puts in their time and effort for His sake alone. Ameen. One of the funniest things at MIST happened during the 3rd round of Bowl. Anaam and I were getting really fed up with one of the teams who couldn’t keep their hands to themselves. Every time one of the girls got an answer right, she high-fived the guy next to her. I think my face turned red at that point lol. So I kindly asked them to keep the gender interaction to a minimum or we’d start deducting points from their score. Immediately, the brothers and sisters slid back in their chairs at the same time….it was hilarious. I wish I could have captured their faces when I said that lol. One of the other teams was mostly all guys and mostly all huffath MashaAllah. When they were competing, the category was Qur’an and they knew ALL the answers but I have yet to see anyone have such a hard time articulating what they’re trying to say. They knew everything, but I guess they felt really pressured. ISA won the entire competition, as usual, MashaAllah. :)
  • Week 3: Another great weekend alhumdulillah. Definitely a highlight. I’ll leave it at that :)
  • Week 4: Yesterday was the ILMathon. SubhanAllah, it’s amazing to see 6 months of hard work come together in one night. While I have a lot of critique about the event, I’ll focus on the positive..or try to :p. Basically, it was an Islamic Knowledge (jeopardy style) competition for high schoolers (16 total MSA’s). The categories were Qur’an, 40 Hadith, Fiqh, Islamic History , Women in Islam, Ashra Mubashra, Muslims and Science, Unseen World, and Current Affairs. I wrote q’s for Hadith, Ashra Mubashra, and  Unseen World and while most of them were a little harder than they should have been, I think all the teams did great MashaAllah. With that said, there were a lot and I mean A LOT of issues I had with the whole thing. I’m going to list them here because I will have to refer back to these things for future events and maybe they’ll benefit you as well iA. 1. Start on time, no matter what..not two hours later. 2. Take points off (at least 200 pts) for bad akhlaq 3. Don’t accept answers/award points if teams say the Prophet’s name without Salallahu Alayhi Wasallam, or a Sahaba’s name without radhiallahu ‘anh, or a Prophet’s name without Alayhis Salam. 4. Complete separation of genders as in..have an actual physical barrier, not just an imaginary line. 5. Take points of for excessive/unnecessary cheering. 6. No kids allowed at all during any of the rounds. 7. Don’t let people who are friends with many of the HS kids be the host of the event. 8. Get to the point! A game should not last till 1 am regardless of where it’s held. 9. Students should be reminded that the knowledge they have gained is not just to win a plastic trophy, it MUST be applied in our lives, otherwise it will be used against us…which makes it useless. SubhanAllah, I could not believe some of the sisters who were cheering with no hayaa’ even though they were the ones who answered most of the questions about Women in Islam. For God’s sake, look at who you are answering questions about and compare your actions to theirs! 10. Have some respect. Not just for the teams competing, but for the Imam and all those who lost sleep over putting this together for you. There’s more, but these are the biggest concerns I had. My patience, tolerance, and language were tested to the nth degree and I’m so proud of myself for not going off on anyone. :D I thought it was a really great effort overall but since it was our first year, we definitely have a lot to learn. I just hope that everyone walked away with a lot more knowledge that they will consciously apply inshaAllah. May Allah bless them all and make them active da’ees of this deen. Ameen. :)

That was my crazy month. I loved every minute of it alhumdulillah. Rabbana taqabbal minna. So May starts in a week…that means finals, summer classes, and a lot more dry work. :p InshaAllah it goes well.

-Fi Amanillah-


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