Precious Provisions


I am no longer a Nurayni Rookie Alhudmdulillah! :) I have my fourth Al Maghrib notebook, yay. If you haven’t already had the chance to take Precious Provisions, I would highly recommend it (like any other class). Though you may already know most of the things that are discussed in the class, it’s nice hear all the evidences and proofs for why we do what we do or don’t do. I heard a number of people saying that they weren’t going to take this class because they knew they couldn’t apply what the Shaykh would tell them. I was sad to hear that because that means it would not have made a difference if they took the class or didn’t, because they already knew what they should be doing. Khair, may Allah guide all  of us and make us steadfast.

To be honest, my main motivation for taking the class (besides the fact that I had to)  was because of the niqab issue. It’s always been a question mark in my mind. I wore it a few times a couple summers ago and I felt a lot more ‘me’ in it but it never became a permanent thing. Unfortunately, the topic wasn’t discussed in much detail which may have been appropriate because of the diversity of people in the crowd, but still I was hoping there would be a clear cut answer (hah). Knowing that the Sahabiyat wore niqab is always the first thing that comes to mind when I think about why I should or shouldn’t wear it. But then I also put random conditions on myself such as: I’ll wear it after I finish Al Huda, or after I make tahajjud a regular habit, or after I can go one month without missing a prayer, or after I memorize Qur’an, and a whole bunch of other things. Is that shaytan talking to me or do my conditions make sense? I don’t know. What scares me though is that I know a lot of sisters who have taken off their niqab after some time, and that may have been a good decision for them…Allah knows best, but I find it a little unusual.

During the breaks, lots of comments were made about certain rulings being too strict. I see where these people are coming from, but seriously…we’re talking about the Kalam of Allah, there’s really no room to add or subtract based on our whims…I mean who are we to say anything?! I honestly felt some parts of the course were getting too liberal and it made me somewhat uncomfortable but I guess that’s just my culture speaking. Last semester, one of my friends and I were walking to class and she randomly says to me: “You know ____, you’re too conservative for your own good”. Obviously, I was little offended by her remark but I didn’t show it and moved on. This class helped me realize that maybe my friend was right. Maybe I need to be a little more calm and realistic and see things from a different lens before establishing a concrete opinion on something. I mentioned it earlier too, but I’m slowly realizing that I’m going through that ‘overzealous young Muslimah’ phase and I’m sure that with time, it will pass and InshaAllah, i’ll be a little more wise at the end of it. Al Maghrib, Al Huda, and DS are all facilitating the process for me Alhumdulullah.

p.s.: take the class! :)

-Fi Amanillah-


2 thoughts on “Precious Provisions

  1. mubarak on your 4th class :D may Allah increase you in beneficial knowledge!

    Regarding the niqab issue..I totally get what you mean sis. SubhanAllah, before I started wearing it, the same thoughts were going through my mind.

    There is a valid ikhtilaf, but all the scholars agree that is mustahabb – and that’s the opinion I take, Allah knows best. I think it is ihsan for the sister because she is covering herself in the best way. I know a lot of people say it’s not necessary to wear in the west and such, but subhanAllah i feel that it is more necessary sometimes. To each his own though.

    As for sisters taking it off…Yea, I don’t know what to say :( It makes me sad to see but sometimes it is better for her like you said. I sometimes think what I would do if I was put in a situation where I had to take it off, it kinda scares me!

    But sis, don’t think about it too much :) Pray istikara and if your parents allow you, i say go with a ‘bismillah’ and try wearing it to the masjid or something. may Allah guide you to the best :)

    Miss you <3

  2. Aww! Jazakillah Khair for your advice and support, much needed =) I love your comments!

    The thing is that I know which answer/opinion I’m looking for, but I’m not getting it and that’s making me unsure. I know all the virtues and I’ve tried it a number of times now, I’m just looking for some certainty. InshaAllah, will do istikhara…hopefully soon. :)

    JAK again and Ameen to your du’a. Miss you too <3. Hope all is well in Egypt!

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