• I have an econ exam in 2.5 hours…blaahhh. :p Note to self: never ever take a 7-10 class.
  • The calligraphy class I started yesterday is just awesome. I can finally live up to my childhood dream of using those awesome looking pens :) Will post some stuff once I get good at it inshaAllah, that’s if I get good at it.
  • This is an awesome lecture: Down with with ego!
  • I want to start a food blog. Because I figure that if I start one, I’ll have to cook in order to keep up with the blog so that I way I can force myself to actually do it, get me? One problem–I don’t have an SLR to take mouthwatering pictures of food…hmm..I’ll have to figure something out.
  • I’ve been working on a list of 101 things I want to try/do/accomplish, I like the fact that most of the things on the list are actually doable. I’ll post it sometime after some tweaks.
  • Life isn’t a math problem unfortunately. :p Not that I like math or anything, I just think it would be great if there was one solution to everything. But there isn’t, and never will be.
  • Abbu had an interview yesterday. It was beautiful to see the sparkle in his eyes MashaAllah. :)
  • I want to go to Ilm Summit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hoping some green falls out of the sky. I had such a great shpeel planned out for how I was going to convince Abbu to let me go. I was gonna make it sound like a tableeghi Ijtema just so it would give him something to compare it to lol. I’d write out the shpeel here but it sounds soo much better in urdu.
  • I’m like this close (*puts thumb and index finger really close together*) to finally getting my macbook inshaAllah inshaAllah inshaAllah :D
  • I’m going to start a new Muhasaba notebook by hand, this computer notes thing isn’t working out so well. :p
  • I should go pray Asr and get to class soon.

-Fi Amanillah-


6 thoughts on “Ramblings

  1. OMG!! I am SOOOOO jealous of you right now!!! I’ve been dying to learn calligraphy… well, arabic calligraphy… I even got a book… but there’s no one to teach :(

    May Allah make it easy for you to go to Ilm Summit… convincing dads is a harder task than convincing moms. But hey, if you make it sound like a tablighi ijtema, you never know :P. They don’t really have ijtemas for women though, do they? I remember going to one, but nothing really happened, so I’ve always wondered what the men do in the ijtemas…

  2. I’m so glad my masjid is offering it! It was between Arabic Calligraphy or a Muslim Heroes course and I just had to go with calligraphy. The instructor is great Alhumdulillah, only problem is that he only speaks Arabic so someone has to translate everything. There’s a lot more math involved in all the different styles than I had originally thought.

    InshaAllah!! Make du’a for me please :)
    Yes, you’re right..no ijtema’s for women but a lot of women go on Jamaat…with a Mahram of course. I’ve never been to an ijtema, but my dad says it’s basically hundreds of thousands of Muslims and they listen to bayans, pray, do dhikr, and learn from the elders.

  3. oo nice! i’m going to take a calligraphy class inshaAllah as well :) my writing is so horrible, I’m really happy that the markaz under our building is offering it alhamdulillah.

    I like your lil list :) may Allah grant you all that is good!

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