Surah Al ‘Alaa


I was going through my notes for Heavenly Pearls–an event we had before Touched by An Angel. They’re not very organized but completely understandable I think. :)

Surah Al ‘Alaa:

  • Once, Mu’adh ibn Jabal (ra) was leading Salah and he chose to recite a really long Surah. So Rasulullah (Salallahu Alayhi Wasallam) said to Mu’adh ibn Jabal (who was said to be a footstep ahead of the scholars because of his knowledge of halal/haram)–Why didn’t you read surah al A’laa, why didn’t you read one the small surahs? Make it easy for the people.
  • Surah A’alaa and Surah Ghashiyah should be recited in Jum’a and Eid. Often recited by Rasulullah (S).
  • 19 verses. 78 words. 271 letters. 2,710 hasanaat minimum.
  • Sabbih–to free; to remove. Moving away from associating partners with Allah. Purifying. When we do tasbeeh of Allah, we are removing all the falsehood away from Him.
  • Rububiyah necessitates Ubudiyah–Allah’s Lordship necessitates our worship of Him.
  • Why should we worship? Allah is the One who created us.
  • Creation of Allah has no deficiencies.  When Allah creates, He perfects.
  • Man doesn’t create anything, we only fashion things.
  • Allah says ‘be and it is’. Kun fayakoon
  • Allah made everything sawiyya–made it equal. From the sun to the insect, each creation is made with the same level of perfection, excellence.
  • And Allah is the One who measured (qadr). Allah is the One who guides–mankind, animals, creation. Migration of birds. Animals  instinctively know what is good for them.
  • And Allah is the One who brought forth al Mar’aa (vegetation).
  • Ahwaa–after it is green, Allah turns it into something unbeneficial.
  • Allah reassures Rasulullah (S) that he will not forget. Illa Masha’Allah. What does Allah azzawajal will for him to forget? the verse was abrogated. Allah removed some ayaat. Others say it is a mannerism to say InshaAllah.
  • Allah knows what is apparent and what is hidden. Allah’s knowledge is perfect. He knows what has happened, happens, will happen. All-knowing, All-encompassing.
  • Du’a: manifests all the categories of tawheed: 1. Rububiyah 2. Uluhiyah 3. Asmaa was Sifaat. Fulfilling all three categories. When we make du’a, we do so knowing that Allah can hear us even if we are in a secluded place. We believe that only He can answer our du’a and fulfill our needs.
  • We will guide you to al yusra‘–Islam.
  • Remind if the reminder will benefit–knowledge is not given to someone who does not want it.
  • The ones who remember are the ones who fear–they are the ones who will benefit from Qur’an. The arrogant, proud, wretched will stay away.
  • Nothing overpowers Qur’an, nothing that goes higher above it.–Waleed ibn al Mughirah (Quraysh leader) came to this analysis.
  • One of the scariest descriptions of hell: The people of hell can’t die. A day that is 50,000 years–which is the same length as yaum-ul-Qiyamah. La yamuutu feeha wala yahya. State of utmost despair and regret. No hope. Physical and mental torture. There is a hadith describing the massive features of the people of hell. Why are they so huge? (molar tooth the size of uhud)–greater surface area to feel pain. Whether they are patient or not, it does not matter.
  • Maalik–guardian of hell fire.
  • Tazakka–gives zakaat ul fitr in ramadan. Must be given before Salah not after.
  • Salah–prays, remembers Allah. Referring to takbeer of Eid.
  • You love this world. This dunya is the abode of those who have no abode and it is the wealth of those who have no wealth. And the one who gathers for the dunya is the one who has no intellect.
  • The akhirah is a truthful promise and it will be judged by Allah–the Most just. Wa’dalllahi Haqqa.
  • Each mother will be followed by her children.
  • Why do we hate death? You established yourselves in the dunya and you destroyed your akhirah. You hate to go from what you have established to what you have destroyed.

May the best day of our lives be the Day of Judgement. Ameen.

-Fi Amanillah-


2 thoughts on “Surah Al ‘Alaa

  1. Assalam allaikum wrahmatullah wabrakatahu,

    there is no exageration to say that you are doing a great job in the fevour of ummah , going on sirate-mustaqeem.
    May ALLAH bless you.

    also comes at Deen-Dunya. We’ll merrily.


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