Yesterday was not a very good day. So apparently I had a paper due the day after our 5 snow days…and I didn’t bother keeping up with the syllabus so I didn’t have my paper..luckily, I was one among 9…so that was good Alhumdulillah. After that, I had to read a truckload of stuff for sociology..which was interesting but I really couldn’t stay awake. Next, Ayesha didn’t get into the college she wanted to get into, so I had to be nice to her lol jk..I was actually going to get her cupcakes with the school’s colors on them, but good thing I didn’t…It would definitely come off as rubbing salt in the wounds. ouch. Then, when I was going home…I couldn’t find my car because I parked in akhira addunya. Like it was literally a 20 minute walk..or longer, i can’t even remember. And on my journey to find my car, I stepped in a mud puddle! yes, a mud puddle! aaaanddd…yes, you guessed it, I was wearing new shoes. Not only did my shoes get dirty but so did my abaya :(. it gets better. So I got home and I realized I had an econ midterm coming up that I also hadn’t paid any mind to since we missed about 3 classes due to snow. I told myself, it’ll be okay, i still have a few weeks to catch up with the chapters. Luckily he moved the test date back. My sociology prof thought it would be more convenient to move her test date up, so in place of the econ exam I was going to have, I now have a Sociology exam. delightful. sigh…Alhumdulillah ‘ala kulli hal. I had to take my frustration out somewhere so i found myself catching a whole lot more tajweed mistakes in Aminah’s recitation than i normally do. Anyway..Du’as would be greatly appreciated right about now. :) ..don’t worry, Allah knows who cucumber is.

-Fi Amanillah-


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