..And by his humility


Abdullah bin Masud radhi Allahu anhu said, “The one who memorises the Qur’an must be known by the nights when people are sleeping. By his days when people are eating. By his sadness when people are rejoicing. By his weeping when people are laughing. By his silence when people are indulged in vain talk. And by his humility when people are boasting.” Source

Source: Mukhtasar at-Tibyaan fi Adaab Hamalaat al-Qur’aan by Imam An-Nawawi.

It’s a common hadith and i’ve heard it many times but every time I come across it, it hits me like an arrow. *sigh* May Allah make us among the people of His Book and among those who possess these characteristics at the highest level with ihsan and istiqaamah. Ameen.

Allāhumma Āti Nafsī Taqwāhā wa Zakkihā Anta Khayru man Zakkāhā Anta Waliyyuhā wa Mawlāhā
O Allah, grant my soul its piety and purify it, You are the Best to purify it, You are its Guardian and Master.

-Fi Amanillah-


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