A few things that have helped me experience some degree of khushoo’ while making Sujood.

  • Not lifting my head off the floor until I get at least one proper “Subhana Rabbiyal ‘Ala” out that comes from the heart, mind, tongue, and limbs.
  • You know those scenes in movies where they look at something really close and then the camera goes higher and higher until it’s in space? yea, well I try to picture myself that a camera over me that goes up and up and up..this helps with feeling and becoming small in front of Allah.
  • Making lots of random dua’s in sujood.
  • If Shaytan comes and tells me I’m showing off if I make long sujood, then I elongate it even more.
  • Eliminating the thought of time from my mind.
  • Picturing making sujood in Makka, or imagining every single believer making sujood on the Last Day.
  • Thinking of all the wrongs I have done (specific ones).
  • Realizing that Allah is completely knowledgeable of me.. all the times I have ‘slipped’ or made a ‘mistake’ or ‘forgot’.
  • Making longer sujood when no one is there. Especially during Fajr, Isha, Qiyam ul Lail.
  • وَخُلِقَ الْإِنسَانُ ضَعِيفًا<<Believing it.
  • This one takes a little more mental work but sometimes I try to think of the history of Salah. We learned in Divine Link about the various scriptures that commanded Salah and how it was the only command that was directly given to the Messengers (Musa and Muhammad Salallahu Alayhi Wasallam) by Allah.
  • Literally trying to exhaust yourself in prayer. >>Wasjudd’ Waq’ Taribb‘.
  • Praying in random places. So far I’ve prayed on many patches of grass, behind trees, underneath staircases, back of classrooms, creepy alleys, in between shelves at the library, unoccupied lounges… lol. not as creepy as it sounds.
  • If I can’t shed at least one tear in sujood or during Salah, then I remember the sunnah of Umar (ra) when he would pretend to cry if he couldn’t.
  • Imagining Rasulullah (S) making sujood.

Try some of these, or share your own. :)

-Fi Amanillah-


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