Zameen o Aasmaan


Abbu’s analogies are awesome, I wish I had analogy-making-abilities. :) So last night, Abbu was telling me about one of his many interesting traveling experiences (the best one was when some officer asked him why he had a stick in his pocket and what he planned to do with it, hahah. a miswak caused him and his TJ buddies 6 hours of questioning). He was coming to Amreeka from Pakistan in 1989. While at the airport, he was standing next to a Pakistani woman who was crying because she was scared to travel without her husband to America. Her husband then asked Abbu if he could make sure she gets to Washington safely and doesn’t have any security troubles. Abbu said, sure why not. So they landed at Dulles airport, and while Abbu was walking out of the arrival gates, he simply looked behind his shoulders to see if she had also arrived. An airport security officer immediately came and asked Abbu to follow him. Apparently, they thought he was up to something (and with good reason, it’s definitely shady to look behind your shoulders), so they questioned him, looked through all of his bags, papers, address books, calculators, hygiene products, etc. That took about 3 hours and after all the searching, they let him go Alhumdulillah. :)

He connected this with how Muslims should live in Non-Muslim lands, today. Sure, care about others, help people out, go to the Masjid, pray in public, but don’t put yourself out there to the point that someone may assume that you’re up to something. Don’t look behind your shoulders and keep your eyes focussed on what’s ahead of you.  He was telling me that one of the guidelines for TJs is that if they are ever stopped by an agent or officer, they should only talk about two things–the beginning (Allah) or the end (Akhirah), in other words, the grave or the skies. They don’t speak about what’s in between (dunya). I laughed when he said that because I recalled someone once saying (“TJs only talk about the creation of Allah or the ahzaab of Allah”). The person who said it probably made the comment in a negative context but I guess he wasn’t wrong. :p The points: Stop talking unnecessarily, “freedom of speech” doesn’t really mean freedom of speech, be smart and diplomatic in tough situations, focus on your own end, don’t create fasaad, always always always have a kind and humble demeanor. :)

Story of the day.

-Fi Amanillah-


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