I was going through all my syllabus’ for this semester and it looks like I have no research papers to write. :( Total bummer! I know I complained a lot about my 110 paper last semester but looking back, I miss it. I miss all the hard work, the hours upon hours I spent in Fenwick, and most of all, I miss the topic! Opium. lol, yea it sounds weird but I got attched to the topic and even after the 20 pages were complete, I felt like there was so much more I could have expanded on. There I was explaining the dynamics and strategic failures of the U.S. Five Pillar Plan against opium production, cultivation, and trafficking in Afghanistan. Alhumdulillah, no one fell asleep :) The night I finished the paper, I had already come up with two concrete ideas for my next paper: Mexican drug cartels and their influence on Mexican youth both socially and psychologically OR Female teen celeberties and them being the cause for the destrucion of the world. So now that I know I won’t be writing a research paper this sememster, both these ideas will have to be saved for later. Oh well.

-Fi Amanillah-


4 thoughts on “Papers

  1. I know what you mean. I hate the stress, but I love getting submerged in research papers. I did one on fanaa’ last year, which is extinguishing the self in God, found in Sufism. I pretty much got extinguished myself into that paper and almost died literally haha. It’s like we become our topics. Alhamdulillah, learning is fun!

  2. Salaams! :)
    Yea, it’s like you become one with the paper lol. I have a whole list of topics I want to research by the time im done with college iA…i doubt i’ll get to all of them though.

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