So and So


Classes started yesterday Alhumdulillah. WOW. Where to begin. Well, first of all, I’d like to say that I really dislike first classes! Ughh…I can barely get my voice out when we do introductions, and everyone loves to stare at each other like they’ve never seen humans before. Joy.

Bio is going to be a drag, I can already tell. It’s not the professor’s fault though. I had the most interesting and entertaining Anatomy and bio class in hs so I’ll miss the enthusiasm that came along with our cat dissections and my teachers’ random tangents. I came into Econ thinking it would be boring, but the prof. is interesting. There’s one BIG, B I G problem though. My Econ class meets in the same room we had Divine Link and A Heart Serene in!!!!!! :( I tried to make sure none of my classes would meet in that room because it’s a special room. I know this sounds slightly ridiculous, but seriously, that room is special. I have laughed and cried in that room, met some of the most amazing people ever, and I’ve just had some great memories there. So when he was talking about his love for wine and all things haraam, I really wanted to get up and leave, or throw something…one or the other lol. Meh, whatever. The good thing is that if I ever get bored during the 3 hours, I can just daydream about Sh. Riad’s hot potato rant or Sh. YB’s Salat-ul-Khawf presentation. :) Moving on. Sociology. She definitely fits the stereotype of the nutty professor with thoughts flying here and there. I know for sure we’re going to bump heads when it comes to the feminist stuff, yay! Class started at 9:30 am and she came in around 10:10 am!! So she barges in, while half the class had already left and without an intro or anything, she just starts talking. It was so weird. Apparently she thought it was a 10:30 class. I have a feeling I’ll be writing a lot of reflections about her class, which is good. I also had my honors class today, more or less what I expected. A lot of philosophy, discussions, and random thoughts being thrown out there for the sole purpose of proving that humans are self-sufficient (A’uthubillah). The professor is cool though. I have conflict tomorrow iA, totally excited for that! It’s probably going to be my most difficult class because of all the role-playing and stuff. So that’s my semester! :) I’m excited.

Allâhumma infa‘nî bimâ ‘allamtanî wa ‘allimnî ma yanfa‘unî.

{Oh Allah! Make useful for me what You taught me and teach me knowledge that will be useful to me.}

-Fi Amanillah-


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