Sweet Tooth


I am soooo pumped for the bake-a-thon this weekend! I really want to make the mini cheesecakes again because the Shaykh loved them last time Alhumdulillah, but people still remember them so I can’t lol. :p

Oh well, 7 layer bars it is! I wish I could take a glimpse at the recipe Caibou Coffee uses, cuz their’s are just to die for! But I have some of my own twists so hopefully it’ll go well InshaAllah. I totally got this :) iA…

Your du’as would be greatly appreciated. May the best baker win! :D

EDIT: I got second place Alhumdulillah. I actually wasn’t too worried about winning until I saw the 1st place prize (Al Adab al Mufrad by: Sh. Abu Esa). Khair, there’s always next time iA :)

-Fi Amanillah-


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