Have you seen the ones who deny the religion?
They are the ones who repel the orphan.
And who are not hasty in supporting the poor.
– Surah Ma’un.

Do we deny religion or are we going to help?–MM

I don’t know why I even bothered to turn on the news this morning, I already had such a hard time sleeping after watching a slideshow of pictures from Haiti last night. Allahu Musta’an. May Allah azzawajal, out of his infinite mercy and power, help everyone suffering in Haiti. May this be a wake up call for all of us to sincerely thank Allah for his blessings upon us every second of our lives. He cares for us, nurtures us, protects us, and blesses us with sooo many ni’am that we often take for granted. Allah’s mercy and blessings are constantly descending to us, while our bad deeds are continuously ascending to him(Subhanahu Wata’ala). We should ask ourselves, “Is Allah really Akbar in our Life?” I don’t know about you, but sometimes, I get these subliminal messages in my head when I think about death. Something along the lines of “Oh..Allah knows I’m busy, I have school, and I’m young, I have a family, etc. I’m doing alright, so no worries”. Do you know what I’m talking about? When we justify why Allah would or should spare our life over someone else’s just because we’re ‘busy’ or whatever. I hope I’m making some sense, maybe it’s just me. It all falls under the umbrella of remembering our end as much as possible. Knowing that the angel of death took many many lives today, and tomorrow could be our turn. “If you find yourself in the morning, don’t expect the night to come and if you find yourself at night, don’t expect the morning to come.” “Take advantage of your health before you fall sick and take advantage of your time before it runs out”. <<Let these two quotes sink in.

Alhumdulillah for:

  1. Islam. Where would I be and who would I be without it? A question I can’t even think about.
  2. Parents. They are by far the most selfless, caring, loving, amazing people we all know. May Allah azzawajal grant them high ranks in Jannah aka Al-Firdous and company of the righteous. Ameen.
  3. My mind. It’s sometimes all over the place but Alhumdulillah it does the job and much much more. :)
  4. My Sistas. They’re definitely a handful but I’d probably be the most un-fun-loving person in the world if it wasn’t for them. They make me laugh. :)
  5. Kids. They brighten up your day and make you forget your problems. Some say it’s their innocence, I say it’s the purity of their character.
  6. Water. Cold, clean water. ANDDD…it flows out of a faucet!! C’mon, how cool is that?!? We don’t have to get up at 6 a.m. in the morning, drag ourselves to a well, in the cold, get the water out, and then make wudhu. Huge blessing.
  7. Clothes. We can cover ourselves, protect ourselves, beautify ourselves…all because Allah blessed us with clothing.
  8. A Roof. It’s cold outside, but I wouldn’t know because I’m warm. How many people sleep countless nights on the street, not knowing where they’ll find their next meal or a warm place to stay. :(
  9. Food. Where to begin?!!? So much food, so many choices! So many kinds of Cucumbers. ;)
  10. My iphone. Sigh, you complete me <3 :)
  11. School.
  12. Muslims! Gotta love ’em. You can leave your money, your kids, your keys, or anything valuable with them without even knowing them, and you won’t have to worry about a thing. Meeting a Muslim somewhere, where you never expected to meet one, is like meeting a best friend from childhood.
  13. Health. Out of the million and one diseases out there, I don’t have any Alhumdulillah X 10000000000.
  14. My Car. Where would I be and what would I do without it..
  15. Time. The most valuable commodity we have…all depends one what we do with it.
  16. Google. I sometimes wonder where I went to ask questions before Google.
  17. Birds. Not a day goes by when we don’t see them or hear them. They keep us acquainted with the natural beauty around us, though some of us live near concrete jungles.


-Fi Amanillah-


2 thoughts on “7.0

  1. “My iphone. Sigh, you complete me <3 :)"

    that made me crack up!!

    But on a serious note, our water went out for almost 12 or less hours because I forget to pay the bill (smart cookie, aint I)… I'd keep forgetting there was no water, so I'd turn it on to get a glass of water (and normally end up spilling half of it back) or to wash my hands and nothing would come out. Subhanallah, that's when I really realized what a blessing it was to have water coming out of the faucet ready for you anytime.

    Oh and did I ever tell you that your blog is awesome!?!

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