TBA is going well Alhumdulillah! :) Just some thoughts of the day…I came in expecting a rather informative and academic-style class but I found it to be more focussed on Tazkiyah and practical lessons which is something we all need. I especially noticed the Shaykh’s akhlaq. SubhanAllah, I think I’m learning more about akhlaq than tafseer and I’m loving it! Some things I noticed:

  • He asked a question about how Muslims react to verses in Qur’an that have scientific miracles. One of the brothers responded and said that we overlook those verses. The Shaykh was looking for another answer but instead of saying, “No, that’s wrong. It’s actually….” He said, “That’s right, sometimes we may do that. What else?” He made everyone comfortable and respected everyone’s thoughts and ideas.
  • A baby started crying in the back of the room after he raised his voice just a little. So he said “Uh oh, I hope I didn’t scare her. I’ll try not to yell”.
  • Instead of throwing candy to the sisters, he had people pass it down so it wouldn’t hit anyone.
  • Near the end of the first day when some students were practically sleeping, he blamed everyone’s fatigue on how hot the room was rather than pointing them out.
  • During the break when his computer was having some issues, one of the tech brothers came to help. The brother sat in the chair and the Shaykh sat down on the stage and listened to the brother as  he was explaining what had happened.
  • Du’as came out of his mouth constantly..and for everyone.
  • He walks like Rasulullah (S). I heard that Rasulullah (S) would walk fast as if he were descending from a high place. He would pick up his feet fully and move from place to place quickly. He also keeps his hands together a lot, how Rasulullah (S) would keep his hands during a khutbah.
  • Any time the Ameer went up on stage to speak, he would sit in one of the empty seats and listen intently.
  • After one of the breaks, it took everyone a while to quiet down, so he kindly asked if anyone had any questions for him.
  • When he would talk to the little people in the crowd (kids), he would bend down to be at their level while speaking to them.
  • Someone’s phone rang in class so he said, “JazakAllah Khair for reminding us all to turn off our cellphones”
  • He would give a lot of attention to students who seemed like they were new to Al Maghrib.
  • When he asked one of the younger sisters to recite Surah Bayyinah, she started reciting Surah Nasr. Instead of stopping her and telling her to recite the Surah we were on, he let her complete Surah Nasr and then recite Surah Bayyinah. Then when we came back to tafseer of Surah Nasr, he went back to her and asked her to recite. :)
  • While I was manning the Eman Rush table, the Shaykh came up and asked about the prices for one of the CDs. I don’t know why, but I got all nervous and went through my entire shpeel of how much each CD was, except I missed the one that he asked about lol. He said, “JazakAllah Khair, and what about this one?”

I was really impressed with his akhlaq MashaAllah. May Allah azzawajal raise him and increase him and his family. Ameen. Akhlaq and adab are definitely two things that cannot be learned, only acquired. One thing that really bothers me about students’ questions is when they say “…but you said…” It’s not a respectable way of speaking to someone when you corner them and point out something they said. Maybe you didn’t understand correctly. Anyway…I really need to come up with a good question to ask him. I haven’t spoken to him yet and I want to, but I don’t have a question to ask. I have a week to think of one inshaAllah. :)

-Fi Amanillah-


2 thoughts on “Akhlaq

  1. MashaAllah, he sounds like an amazing teacher. He lives only 60 miles from my city but I’ve rarely had the opportunity to see him :(

    Just curious, has there been any effect on enrollment numbers for this class due to the unfortunate incident involving the Ilm Summit student from overseas?

  2. He really is MashaAllah, and he’s very different in his teaching style too compared to the other instructors.

    Our last class was A Heart Serene, and we practically had a full house for that class. The attendance for TBA seems a lot less but I think it’s because the class is in Maryland instead of VA ..we have a lot more VA students so they couldn’t make it. I really hope it’s not because of the incident. =/

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