The year of..


I successfully did not watch the ball drop this year! Yesss!! I’m proud of myself  :)

Resolutions…hmm..let’s see..I tend to plan things every day so this is basically just another one of my daily plans except more long term and public. So here it goes..
1. Pray on TIME!!! This is huge for me. It’s like one day, I get all 5 of them down right when the adhaan goes off and the next day, it’s just….i don’t even want to get into it. ugh..stupid shaytan.
2. I think I need to cut down on networking. The thing is that I feel like these tools have really helped me learn and share ‘ilm..
3. Chill with my parents more. I’ve gotten pretty good about it recently. I actually like.. talk to them now which is amazing Alhumdulillah. Sure, it gets heated every now and then whenever I remotely address non-hanafi things, but who cares. :)
4. Dhikr. Also something I’ve focussed on a lot lately and it’s going great. I like the idea of dhikr chunks by Sh. Muhammad Al Shareef–doing dhikr at various times during the day. Very relaxing and I realized that for so long I was confused about how to really reflect. I found that dhikr is the ultimate cure for reflection..and tafsir of course.

5. Staying up after Fajr. NO MATTER WHAT!!!!
6. Exercise. :p I always say it but it never happens.
7. Memorize. I want to write a separate post on this so i’ll leave it at that.
8. Thank Allah with my checkbook rather than just Alhumdulillah.
9. Read. It’s not that I don’t read. I do. A lot. But it seems like I’m always reading books for school, and they’re interesting and all but I need something new. Something to get my mind OFF of school. And I can’t stand fiction.
10. Patience. Patience. Patience.
11. Stop worrying about everything and anything. Have a pinch more Tawakkul!
12. Da’wah. BIG TIME! Allahuma Wahdini Wahdibi. Oh Allah, guide me and and guide through me. AMEEN.
13. Get my mom to stop talking about me being at that ‘age’. I get her point but seriously, reminding me everyday is a little much. Rabbir hamhuma kama rabbayana saghira. :)
14. Start memorizing hadith, slowly, gradually. Bi’ithnillah.
15. Share what I know, however little I do know.
16. Find a hobby or something. And no. Cooking is not a hobby, it is a requirement for survival. I like to cook but it’s not something I can always do when I’m bored. Maybe if I get myself a super expensive camera, I can do photography. That’s always fun. I miss black and white photography. good times.
17. Incorporate more Sunnah’s in my life InshaAllah. I don’t know why I stopped sitting on the floor and eating. It was so much fun. I should probably work at my desk and eat on the floor, not the other way around. Other day to day Sunnah’s too.
18. Think before I think and think before I talk.
19. Sleep on time aka not past 12. If I can accomplish just this, that’s a huge!
20. Work on myself, my iman, and just try to get a little better each day. :)

-Fi Amanillah-


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