This morning, like many mornings…i woke up to the sound of my dad talking to someone in Pakistan. The speaker was on, my mom was laughing, and you could see the nostalgia on both their faces. I decided to ignore the laughter and sirayki jokes so I could go back to sleep…and I did for a little while. Then I heard my name. But my dad wasn’t speaking to me, he was just bragging about my scholarship to the school I didn’t go to. Now, what’s the point in doing that? Alhumdulillah, Allah azzawajal blessed me with so many amazing opportunities to do His work, and to learn His Book here at home. And Mason is the best place for me. Who knows what would have happened to me as entire world view would change the environment just wasn’t for me. But that’s not the crux of the problem. Why is it that we find it so easy to brag about our worldly gains and accomplishments yet often times, those who have accomplished something in this world tend to overlook someone who has achieved so much with Allah, so much in the akhirah (of course, only Allah knows)? Like Aminah for example, if she does good in school. I’m happy that she worked hard and I encourage her to do better. But when she memorized an entire Surah for the sake  of Allah, my excitement abounds and I try to treat her to something. I wish that 1. they would stop bragging about that scholarship. it’s gone. it’s not coming back. and there’s a reason for that. 2. i have yet to achieve something great deen-wise, may Allah make it easy for me. So there’s really nothing we should brag about. A powerful ‘Alhumdulillah’ is quite enough.

Mutual Boasting

Allahu ‘Alim

-Fi Amanillah-


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