In light of recent events, my father and I have been talking a lot lately Alhumdulillah, and much of it is beneficial for all of us. It’s been so long since I actually sat down and talked to Abbu about deen and just about myself, where I was going, what I think, etc. and for a while I was confused about why Abbu had stopped talking to me about deen. Maybe he thought I had gotten the message? I dunno, but I really missed his enlightening talks, how his emotions and his intellect would stir up his love for Rasulullah (Salallahu Alayhi Wasallam), his stories of tabligh, his countless misaals (examples), his incredible knowledge about the lives of the Sahaba (radhhiallahu ‘anh). I just missed all of it. And now it’s back. :) So I wanted to share one story (of many) Abbu told me.

-Hazrat Ji (Rahimahullah), was the leader of the Tablighi Jamaat worldwide for quite some time. Abbu got to shake hands with him in Madinah and when he was telling me this story, his face lit up like I’ve never seen it before. Hazrat Ji had gone to visit a Jamaat in Britian and the as soon as he came, the people invited him to the masjid. the Ameer showed Hazrat Ji how they [Muslims] had transformed the entire city by building a Madrassa for kids to memorize Qur’an, a large Masjid for Jamaat’s to stay in, and lots of other facilities for the Muslims only. However, the ameer said something that had disappointed Hazrat Ji to the point that he started crying for the Ummah. The ameer told him that they had taken over the area and made the Non-Muslims run away. So Hazrat Ji asked, “Did they [Non-Muslims] leave with Iman or without Iman?” The ameer replied, “without iman”. And Hazrat Ji (Rahimahullahu Ta’ala) began to cry out of regret. “What a loss!what a loss,” he said..and went back to where he was staying.

SubhanAllah! Look at the sincere concern, the sincerity of his love for mankind, not just Muslims. Even after seeing hundreds of kids memorizing Qur’an and making Salah, he felt the most regret for those human beings who were deprived of Allah’s message. This is Islam. To share this deen and make sure that there is not a single house left on the planet, where Islam has not reached. SubhanAllah, May Allah azzwajal put that concern in our hearts. Ameen. This story reminded me of when Rasulullah (Salallahu Alayhi Wasallam) would spend so much time effort into giving da’wah to the Quraysh leaders to the point that they became arrogant, thinking that that he (Salallahu Alayhi Wasallam) needed them to become worshipers. Nau’dhubillah. Allah does not need anyone to worship Him, but our worship only serves our own good.


Then perhaps you would kill yourself through grief over them, [O Muhammad], if they do not believe in this message, [and] out of sorrow. [Surah Al-Kahf:6]

Great post about the founder of TJ: Maulana Ilyas Rahimahullahu Ta’ala

-Fi Amanillah-


4 thoughts on “Stories.

  1. Salam Alykum!
    I am so happy after reading this. My phuphu (aunt) and her children have always talked, read and associated with Tablighi jamaat. Reading your blog reminds me of them and all the wonderful stories that I have read about our wonderful Ulemas, MashaALLAH!
    I had thought that I would only find Tablighi jamaatis in Pakistan, but clearly I was wrong.
    JazakALLAH! :)

    • Wa’akaykum Assalam warahmatullah,

      That’s wonderful! I’m not very involved with TJ anymore but it was a huge part of my childhood walhumdulillah. I pray that someday I can be active again inshaAllah. Glad this brought back memories for you :)

      Waiyyakum and thanks for stopping by! :)

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