The Pen.


I have a story I want to share…with my 5 readers lol. It’s not about me, it’s about my dad actually.

My sister started working at an Accounting firm over the Summer and Alhumdulillah, she’s still working at the same place even with school and all. A couple days ago, she brought home a pen. A smooth, sleek, red, inky pen! I love pens! So of course, I started bribing her for it. She wasn’t giving it up as easily as I had wished so then my dad came in to settle the dispute. He asked what we were bickering over and I said that she wouldn’t give me the pen (I know, totally unfair cuz it wasn’t mine to begin with lol, but I have a complex that any pen in our house, good or bad belongs to me). My dad took the pen from her hand and looked at it. He couldn’t deny it was an amazing pen, especially after he wrote with it. We were both waiting patiently for him to give a verdict on who should keep the pen, but instead he was reading the fine print on the side. “Louis Ensminger–AXA Advisors” it said. He squinted. And then his eyes lit up and he started laughing (to himself). Kind of that “No way, you have to be kidding me look”.

We asked why he was laughing so he tells us. Apparently, they worked together in 1992–the year my sis was born. Not only did they work together but they were really really good friends. As with almost every Non-Muslim my father meets, he gave da’wah to him for as long as they were together. So Abbu was telling us how hard he tried to convince him to take Shahadah back in ’92. He tried so hard and so vigorously that he Abbu just broke down and started crying in front of him when he was talking about Rasulullah (Salallahu Alayhi Wasallam). He wanted him to become Muslim so badly because he saw it in him. Have you felt that sometimes? That urge to speak to someone about Islam because you think they would make a good Muslim or that they’re on the verge, just need a little push? I have, but unlike Abbu, I usually stay quit. Fail. :p

Moving on. So yesterday, Ayesha went to work as usual. Her boss (Mr. Ensminger) called her inside. (Silly Ayesha thought she was getting a raise lol). He asks her to sit down and then points to the Qur’an on his shelf. He tells her that Abbu gave him that Qur’an 17 years ago and he’s had it ever since. He says he reads it more than he reads the Bible.

SubhanAllah. :)


“Indeed, you do not guide whom you like, but Allah guides whom He wills. And He is most knowing of the [rightly] guided.”

Ya Allah, if you bless me with even half of my father’s da’wah skills, I will be content.

Fi Amanillah-


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