The AHS exam is tomorrow, and like everything else in my life, i procrastinated =p. Some things that stood out to me as I was going through my notes.

Some of the Causes of the Punishment of the Grave: (Taken from Hadeeth of Samura ibn Jundug)

  • Shirk
  • Hypocrisy (lowest level of Jahannam)
  • Not taking care to avoid getting urine on oneself and spreading malicious gossip among people.
  • Lying
  • Sleeping and Missing Obligatory prayers
  • Neglecting the Quran
  • Adultery
  • Eating Haraam

Signs of Good Ending:

  • The person dies saying the Shahadah
  • Dying while having sweat on his forehead
  • Dying on the day/night of Friday
  • Dying of plague- It is Martyrdom:
  • Dies of Abdominal disease
  • Drowning
  • Buried Alive & Dies
  • Dies in the Cause of Allah
  • Dying from a plague
  • Crushed by a wall
  • Dying burned
  • Dying while giving birth (Imam Ahmed, Abu Dawood)
  • Dying defending your religion (By Abdullah Ibn Umar, Bukhari, Muslim)
  • Dying defending your wealth
  • Dying while doing a righteous Deed

Two people who will get their punishment in dunya before Akhirah:

  1. Those who are unkind/disrespectful/neglectful towards their parents: Allah will give them kids who will treat them the same way they treated their parents.
  2. Adultery: Allah will give them a spouse who did the same. (Surah Nur).

The Punishment for sin is lifted from a person by means of:

  • Repentance, disasters or calamities that efface the sins
  • Expiation in the world of the Barzakh (world of the grave)
  • Expiation in the land of the Ma’shar (Land of reckoning)
  • Expiation in the Hellfire

How to check your heart:

Ibn Mas’ud:

  • When you listen to the Quran, Does your Heart shake?
  • When you are isolated, Does your Heart shake? (from contemplating Allah’s creation)
  • Gathering of Ilm, Does your Heart Shake?

** If NOT, then YOUR HEART is DEAD, so ask to be prayed on You- Janazah**

Repentance must meet 5 conditions

  1. Sincerity to Allah, the Most High
  2. Remorse for the sin that was
  3. Ceasing to commit the sin immediately
  4. Determination to not go back to doing that sin again in the Future
  5. The Repentance should not occur before the time when its acceptance is terminated, either by death or by the sun rising from the west.

Productivity Pyramid

  1. Identify your values
  2. Set Your Goals
  3. Plan Weekly
  4. ACT Daily

Setting Goals:

  1. Specific
  2. Measurable
  3. Attainable
  4. Realistic
  5. Time-Oriented/bound

*Ihsaan: You give people more than they deserve and take less from them
*Allah says in the Quran, Do NOT follow the steps of the Shaytaan, Allah Does NOT say “Don’t follow the Shaytaan”

-Fi Amanillah-


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