Measure of Sincerity


I came across this quote but I can’t understand it’s interpretation or meaning. help?

He who wishes that people always remember him with goodness is neither God-fearing nor sincere.–Ibrahim bin Adham

-Fi Amanillah-


2 thoughts on “Measure of Sincerity

  1. I guess it could be saying that if you’re doing things just to have people remember you and not for the sake of Allah then you’re not God-fearing (taqwa) and you’re not sincere (ikhlaas)

    Wallahu A3lam

  2. Asalamua’laikum

    Sadiyah is right..

    neways nice blog :D

    im going to start a blog soon inshAllah too… with a differrent flavor lol.

    Great work!
    Fi amanillah

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