Is it Spicy?


I have these random late night convos with my mom about the weirdest things…or usually just about how our days went. So a couple days ago, she was telling me about her experience at an Afghan market. She walked in to find a separate copy of Surah Waqiah but the owner of the store couldn’t help her unfortunately.

Ammi: Excuse me, do you all sell separate copies or booklets of Surah Waqiah? Not the entire Qur’an, just that Surah..
Guy: I don’t understand
Ammi: Surah Waqiah…Surah 56. Do you sell it separately?
Guy: umm…is it sweet or spicy?
Ammi: O_o no, it’s not a food item. I’m talking about a Surah, from the Qur’an.
Guy: Ohhhh okay, then it must be spicy.
Ammi: no…i don’t think you understand
Guy: You’ll find it in isle 5 sister.
Ammi: *Walks to isle 5 to and sees a whole shelf of Shan masala’s.

Story of the day :)


-Fi Amanillah-


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