A while back, I posted a lecture that was voted as the best youth lecture for 2009. And it really was..MashAllah. The speaker mentioned something that many of us never bother considering when we sin. In fact, we usually don’t even think before we fall into error, so we move on with our lives until something happens that makes us realize what we did was wrong. Anyway, here is the fatwa to sin:

If you want to sin or disobey Allah…
1. Don’t use the energy Allah has given you through the food He has provided for you, to do that sin.
2. Don’t sin on Allah’s land, His dominion. Go somewhere else.
3. Sin where He can’t see you.
4. When the Angel of death comes to you, tell him you’re not ready yet.
5. When you go to hell, try to get out of it.

The gist of it is, is that none of the above are possible. *think* before sinning, and strive to not sin at all. How? Develop a sincere relationship with Allah. Remember Him always and think of His innumerable favors upon you every second of your life.

-Fi Amanillah-


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