Heart Softeners


The following nasheeds will never be the same again after A Heart Serene. I watched these sooo many times before the class and never shed a tear. But SubhanAllah, the Shaykh’s presentation about the reality of life and parents changed everything. Death is the only certainty in life yet most people live as though it is the most uncertain part of life. One part that especially touched me was when the Shaykh was describing the darkness of death. First, the body is wrapped and covered, then put into a coffin, then put into the ground, then covered with dirt from all sides, all in the darkness of the night, and then he/she is left to face questioning all by him/herself in complete isolation. Only through the mercy of Allah can we attain light in our grave. Always remember to ask Allah for a good ending in every du’a, a reminder for myself before anyone else.

-Fi Amanillah-


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