My contribution to Domestic Violence Awareness Month. :)

shirt 010A few quotes from Ilmfest pertaining to the topic:

“Men are protectors of women. How can a man abuse his wife, the mother of his children and then seek intimacy, what would our Prophet say”–Sh. Muhammad ibn Faqih

“Misusing the Quran to inflict spiritual abuse=double sin”–Sh. Muhammad ibn Faqih

“If you dislike something about your spouse, focus on the positive and do not inflict pain and suffering on them where is the rahmah..”–Sh. Muhammad ibn Faqih

“If you want to show your manliness, show it on the battlefield, not on your wifes face”— Wisam Sharief

“Remember when you were running after your wife to marry her.. All of a sudden there was a change. What happened..this is not the Islamic way”–Imam Hasan Amin

Treat the women with goodness–she left her home, her family, and she is the mother of your children.”–Imam Hasan Amin

“Abuse by a muslim is wickedness- Rasulullah (saw)”–Sh. Muhammad ibn Faqih

“Show excellence in your faith by treating your wives in the best way.”–Imam Hasan Amin

“1 in 3 women are murdered by their parters each day in the us…a woman is beaten every 15 seconds..”–Imam Hasan Amin

“Make sure he has a sound mind and sound body before he puts his body next to yours” –Imam Hasan Amin

“Brothers, protect and help each other by sharing Quran and Hadith about caring for and protecting your spouses”–Imam Hasan Amin

“Brothers, use physical therapy with a bro who does so to his wife if he’s not convinced that what he does is wrong”–Imam Hasan Amin

“Sisters are not exempt–verbal and mental abuse can be as bad”–Sh. Muhammad ibn Faqih

“Oh you who believe, fulfill your contracts. Qowamoon does not mean master, controller, or abuser”–Sh. Muhammad ibn Faqih

“A well mannered child will not be an abusive spouse. Raise rihhteous children to preserve the next generation”–Imam Hasan Amin

“The prayers of the oppressed are answered so if they pray against you, you’ll be messing with Allah”–Sh. Hasan Amin

“Arguments between spouses must be kept private, that’s why after an argument, he cannot abandon her or even leave her room (so that the children find out), but make other sleeping arrangements in the same room.”–Sh. Hasan Amin

“If someone you know is being abused: listen to them, believe them, respect them, tell them that they are not to blame for what they’re going through, encourage them to seek help, and discuss safety with them for themselves and their children”–Sh. Hasan Amin

” The purpose of marriage is to bring peace and tranquility between two people–not fear, intimidation, belittling, controlling or demonizing”–Sh. Hasan Amin

“Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala says in the Qur’an: Among His signs is that He created for you mates from among yourselves that you may dwell in tranquility with them and He has put love and mercy between your hearts –verily in that are signs for those who reflect.”–Sh. Hasan Amin

The prayers of the oppressed are answered so dont mess w/people, cuz they’ll
pray against you and then you’ll be messing with Allah



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