I finally decided what to write my 20 page paper on. Alhumdulillah. I hope I stick with it.

Okay….here it goes…..ready? ;)

How has the U.S. counter-narcotics policy (opium) affected the economic aspect of nation building in Afghanistan?
As I was researching, I came across this somewhat desperate and heartfelt message from President Karzai about the issue. I’m not like those people who shun someone for their mistakes. If someone says something beneficial, try to benefit, regardless of who it’s coming from.

At the National Conference on Drugs on December 9-10, a united front of speakers (President Karzai, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and the Ministers of Interior, Justice, Rural Rehabilitation, Education, Agriculture and Health) addressed all provincial governors, security chiefs, Loya Jirga members, donors, NGOs etc.  President Karzai said:

“Poppy is like the Soviet occupation, Taliban, terrorism.  If we do not fight it, it will devastate out land.  It threatens our youth, it weakens our economy, it foments fundamentalism, it encourages foreign intervention.  Poppy is like a cancer from within.  I am ashamed of poppy in Afghanistan.  The money goes abroad, only the shame remains within Afghanistan.  What has caused the dignified people of Afghanistan to turn their pomegranate gardens into poppy fields?  The causes are the Soviet invasion, foreign destruction of our economy, the loss of hope…  We must not be parasites feeding off illegitimate sources.  Please stop this disgrace!  Are we inferior?  If we are inferior, let us continue as parasites.  We accept hunger and poverty, we do not accept dishonor.  If we do not stop today, terrorism will return – this money goes to our enemies – it returns as bombs to Afghanistan.  We will help ourselves – we stood against the Russians, we will stand against opium.  The world will leave us if we are not decisive.  Save our youth, our honor, our religion, our independence.  Let us not trade our independence for poppy!  We will destroy our poppy fields!”

I second his sentiments. What do you think? Legit topic? it took my a long time to narrow it down and come up with something manageable and interesting (to me). I don’t know why drugs are so intriguing… Sometimes I watch random History channel shows and documentaries about drug trade and gangs, just cuz. I’m more interested in the social/psychological aspect of drugs, so yea. My thesis as of right now will be that the U.S. is not doing enough to fight the opium problem and that I personally think it should be one of their main priorities rather than just a secondary or even tertiary side effort. And now I will go to my little corner on JC 3rd floor to write my research proposal, which is due tomorrow. :p

-Fi Amanillah-


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