Aminah Withdrawal Symptoms


Aminah’s in Pakistan with Ammi and its been about 2 months now. She comes back in October InshAllah, but I’m really trying hard to get my mom to come back earlier. I miss them a lot now and it’s just really hard to be a homemaker/college student/everything else all at the same time. I know I probably sound pathetic since most people have a lot more responsibilities, but whatever. :p Anyway…I miss Aminah BIG TIME…she’s hilarious and probably the coolest little kid ever, of course my opinion is biased. I wanted to post some funny quotes by her…just cuz:

Me: “Are you crying?”
Aminah: “No. But if I am, will you buy me a slurpee?”

Me: “Yea, I mean…like, I’s just that like…you know?”
Aminah: “baji! Those are the most useless words in the English language!”

Me: “Get up Aminah. It’s time for Fajr, don’t make me say it again please”
Aminah: “But I prayed yesterday!”

Aminah: “Do you want my famous cereal recipe?”
Me: “No thanks. I’m good.”
Aminah: “Why not? It’s really easy…even you can do it.” (she definitely got the look for this one)

Aminah: (on the phone) “baji, when I come back home, can I wear your Tiffany’s bracelet to school?”
Me: “I don’t think so. Why?”
Aminah: “I dunno, I think my friends will give me respect if they see it”

Aminah: “They checked my hemogoblin today. It hurt”
Me: “You mean hemoglobin?”
Aminah: “No.”

there’s more…that i can’t think of right now. :p

-Fi Amanillah-


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